Orange Observations

I won’t tell you everything that went on but I will tell you a little bit.


Steve Fee= incredible. Find a CD of his wrap it in your arms, put on ipod and listen with a friend or by yourself for an incredible ( i wish i could come up with a word to convince you of how awesome he is) worship experience. I was amazed!! Incredible Steve!!


Reggie Joiner delivered a very strong message: Are we thinking like a lovable father?


Very good message and on point for where I am right now in my life.


I also want to point this out in case you don’t know that much about me.  This is a blog completely from me and my opinions. It is not however a place to bash people in any way, shape or form. I am not, I repeat, not going to take part in that. I will point you in a direction of some incredible resources and give you my opinion on many things, but they are opinions.


Know this about me: I love Jesus and I will do whatever I can to get you to a point where you love Him too.


Can’t wait for tomorrow.




God’s Direction

! Samuel 14:


Johnny (Jonathan) is hanging out with his armor bearer and they feel divinely lead to go kill some philly’s. They go and cause an uproar. Saul hears the crazy stuff going on and takes roll. (that’s weird) anyway, he then asks for the priest to seek God’s direction. After waiting for like 30 seconds the sound got louder and he just decided to go join in an already victorious fight.


I think to myself: Where would I be had I not waited on God? If I would have lied to get a job somewhere else? I’m not sure but I know I am so incredibly happy to be where I am, involved with the people I am involved with in ministry, and doing what I am doing.


God completely rearranged my plans and gave me my wildest dreams before I turned 22! I am humbled and grateful for where God has brought me. I am happy that God is using me and that is on no account of myself only his divine appointment. 


man I’m so thankful and honored to be here right now… you really have no idea.

Good Morning Pre-Conference

I’m confused about the term pre-conference. That’s what we are attending today at the Gwinnett Center in GA. I don’t know how something is determined to be pre-conference but I am excited to see what it is about.


here’s a list of cool things that have happened thus far:

  • The Varsity- incredible place to eat you must check it out if you are in Atlanta.
  • Diet Coke with Lime and Milano cookies- great combination of snacks for me.
  • They printed our name tags and labels so incredibly fast and they only used iMacs
  • Internet access means I’m still connected to the world from my hotel room.
  • Breakfast at the hotel.
Just looking for the next cool or interesting thing.
Let me know if I’ll see you at the Orange Conference. I would love to meet you.

We have arrived in the ATL

We are at the Orange Conference that starts tomorrow. We just got into our hotel and are about to go out to dinner. Anyway I have had such a busy day from children’s this morning, then I moved some more furniture and now we drove to Atlanta its been a long one. I can’t wait to see everything that is going to happen and I’m sure there will be some funny moments.


Not to mention Ned and I are outnumbered 3:1 by the women on this trip with us. I’m sure I will learn a few things spiritually and about life in general.


I miss my fiance a little too. We get married in less than two weeks. We still need silverware, china, and glasses if you can’t think of what to get us those are a few things. I love you guys and hope to bring some wisdom in the next few days from a few awesome people at the Orange Conference.

Orange conf. part dos

I am still extremely excited and even more so about the Orange Conference. I can’t wait to be filled with ideas and inspirations for creative things to do in Children’s ministry. I am praying that not only will I learn to create an atmosphere appealing to kids but even more so that I will be able to push kids further in their walk with Christ.


I can’t wait!!!

Move in phase 1 complete

We moved in a lot of furniture and pots and pans today. It was tiring, fun, and weird all at the same time. One thing is very clear: I do not like moving. Lucky for me its only happened once.

Move-In day

I am ready and about to go to our new abode. I am so happy that we have a place to live and after today it will be our place to abide and cherish as our own. I’m sure as I have written this and over the past couple of weeks have written that we have a new place to live some people take that as we are moving in together to get settled for the wedding. That is wrong. I will probably live there for a few days before the wedding but Kristen will not. I might stay with Josh and Renae Bradley a bit longer to save on some electrical bills and such.


By the way while I am thinking about it. I want to talk about Josh Bradley a little bit. He is the student pastor at Brookwood Church and I have known him for a little over 4 years. I am so proud of everything he is doing right now. I am just 21 years old so to encourage older people sometime it seems sort of out of place for me. But anyway, I have seen so much growth in him and love for people since I first met him. He flat loves teenagers and wants to help them get past their struggles and into a relationship with God.


He took me into his basement for no charge, with two kids, one with a disability and the other a foster care child. He treated me like his own. He loved me and gave me food and shelter and counseling in the midst of some soul searching time in my life. He gave up what he might tell you is a little but really is a lot. He and his wife, Renae, have been so much of a blessing in mine and Kristen’s life that I just wish they could experience tenfold the blessing that they have been to me. I love them dearly and am thankful and appreciative of all they have done. I ask you to pray that God will bless them for giving of themselves to a brother in Christ. Pray that God will just bless their house till the windows bust open.


Thanks Josh and Renae, you guys are awesome.