Just Give Up

Alot of times in our leadership, we come to a point where we must make a decision for growth. We know that we can’t possibly control all that is given to us and we must find someone capable enough, skilled enough, gifted enough, passionate enough, strong-willed enough, careful enough, and worried-enough that it reminds ourselves of us. But the reality is that the person just described doesn’t exist except for in you.

Only you have the gifts and talents that you have in the distribution that you have them in. But you know that you have to pass some things on in order to grow past this and take the next step. Even Jesus as His mission was accomplished left the fate of His movement in the hands of mere mortals (not just a cliche in this instance).

Yeah there was a calling, yeah there was training, yeah there were decisions and times of struggle. But then there was a release. Jesus handed over the reigns. Where is that area or program or ministry that you just need to give up on? Where do you know God is leading you to give up control?

No man is fit to command another that cannot command himself.

-William Penn


Practicing Greatness

So today I started reading a book called Practicing Greatness. The first couple lines in the first chapter reminded me of something that really pushed me further in my walk with Christ than anything I can remember.

Mediocrity for Christ is a sin. I remember having this sort of cosmic conflict in my life between Greatness and Humility. That somehow being great was not being humble. It may sound silly but to me as a middle schooler to about a junior in high school I really struggled with this idea. Then I found someone who told me this exact thing. That Christ wanted all of me. He wanted it now and He wanted me to pursue Him fervently and with zeal. I was just overwhelmed to be a part of something much bigger than I had dreamed and gave it all that I had. It was incredible to strive to be great by giving and giving and giving. It changed my life and I will always remember that time in my life as a major step in becoming a leader.

Phillipians 2 talks about just that. Christ gave all that He had and we should do the same. Living like a Great Leader means humility. When James and John were arguing about being the greatest in the kingdom of heaven, did Christ say don’t be great just be normal and blend in and be humble. No! He said those that are last will be first. He didn’t disregard their mission but instead gave them guidance and a direction to lean to.

So this morning I want to tell you to be great. Read Phillipians 2 for a direction and guidance from the Father and be great. The cause is Christ and people that are far from Him. Go after the cause and be great.