Update time again…

well here is the update on everything:

  • No job yet but still looking
  • UPS has an opening at a call center and that looks like the best possibility right now.
  • God has closed the door on several opportunities and for that I am thankful
  • He is in control and I understand and am waiting for His opportunity to come
  • Stacie is a national champion!!!
  • The University of Memphis won two national championships over this past weekend: One in Hip Hop Dance (not her) and one in the All Girls Division (that’s her).
  • She got a medal and will be receiving a championship ring soon….How cool is that?
  • In other Stacie news she also has tendinitis in her ankle and could have tore her tendon over the weekend but God protected her and I apologize for ever calling cheerleading not a sport. She holds girls on top of her shoulders plus runs and flips all on an injured ankle. That is amazing!
  • Look for her on ESPN on February 17th, which is also her birthday, huh.

Continue praying and I will continue to try and update you on everything.


Well God is Awesome…

So my interview went well with Aerotek and they actually asked me alot of questions about something I knew alot about: UPS…interestingly enough they hire for UPS Freight, which is a division of UPS and not necessarily my division but still under the umbrella.

 But anyway the job is as a recruiter for a privately held staffing company. Sounded pretty good but honestly just doesn’t make my tongue drip with urging. But again when I say this realize that interviews aren’t all they are cracked up to be and also that the job search is about finding the job that God wants me to have for me and my family.

 While I was here however, I got in touch with some people and had some other interviews set up. Synnex corporation and Jackson Dawson Marketing. Synnex would be more of an inside sales position. While Jackson Dawson Marketing or JDSouth as they call themselves is “a marketing firm” I got those interviews literally today and they said that they wanted to talk to me tomorrow, Thursday January 17th!! Man I am pumped.

One problem…there is now about 2 inches of snow outside of Josh and Renae Bradley’s house where I am currently staying and most of the schools in mid to upper SC are closed.

If you read this tomorrow or today on Thursday January 17th immediately I am asking you to drop everything that you are doing and pray that God works our a miracle. Please I was so pumped and am now extremely confused. Either way God is working, please pray.

John 1:50

Please read around this passage…this is what I read this on Monday of this week!!

anyways I’ll keep everyone updated.

Please Pray for Me!!

Tomorrow I travel to SC for some time with Kristen and for sure an interview on Tuesday with Aerotek. I just want the job that God has for me and maybe something else will happen and I’ll have another interview next week, you never know how God is working…so I am just asking that you pray that I would hear God speaking and that I would know if this job is the one for me or do I go back to waiting and praying some more. Please, Please, Please, pray.

 God is working maybe its time maybe its not but I want to know for sure what He wants me to do.


How did it go?

I’m so glad you asked…. The interview went pretty well. They asked me for another interview for next week when I go to Greenville, SC. Please pray that I would know what God’s will is.  I would be a recruiter that would move into sales. It would eventually give me a chance to move into the area that I got a degree in so that is good. It is longer hours and since I am used to making production I am not used to wanting to work long hours plus you just don’t want to have to work for a long time… But this is a real opportunity with benefits and decent pay. So pray that God’s will would be done.  continue to pray PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE out 

Well I have an interview at 9

I realized that I can’t spell an because of my last post and not only that but I don’t know what to expect because its over the phone. I am anxious to do the interview I will let you know what happens… pray out 

Hey i have and interview on Monday

Well i don’t know anything about recruiting but I have an interview for a recruiting job on Monday over the phone. Which personally i think is very interesting but before I get too excited please pray for me that this is the job that God wants me to have.  Anyway just thought I would let you know.


update on life

well here are a few things:work has been ridiculous, supervisors might get fired for some mistakes that were made.Word to the Wise-if your boss asks you to do something you might want to do it, im just sayin. Grizzlies actually looked good last night with Conley in the line-up. But if you have any kind of fantasy team play any Celtic that you can. Even if you still have a fantasy football team. Find a way to put Garnett in at WR or something. Memphis plays Siena tonight and UNC played Kent State both soft teams which one do you think is on TV? There has been talk of Memphis going undefeated alot by ESPN surprisingly considering they hate Memphis but really not that much by local media I wonder if they are trying not to jinx us…huh also the job search is making a little progress i think. I actually found some jobs and applied today and have an email pending to the HR lady in the Greeville Region for UPS. Please pray that God’s will be done and that I find a job soon! Anyway keep me in your prayers and watch the tigers dominate on cstv if you have it.