Kids and Truth

I have the wonderful opportunity to teach kids on a weekly basis. I desire to teach them truths about God each and every time that I get the chance. I often remember how my faith has grown over my life. I continually think what are some things that I wish that I had known about God when I was 6-13 years old.

A couple that I have come up with are these:

  • God is not angry with me.
  • God wants the best for my life
  • God loves me more than I love myself.

If we could get a generation of kids to understand these three truths about God, I think it would do wonders for their entire lives. Imagine grasping the truth that God is not angry with you at age 10 and living your entire life with that truth in tow.

So with that said, what are some truths that you wish you had known as a kid about God?


Wednesday Wisdom: Get it together!

I have read so many blogs the past few weeks on crossing denominational lines to reach your community, to “Be the church” (the body of God united through the common bond of Christ working to accomplish God’s will in a united effort), and New Year’s Resolution.

This really isn’t a change your life post or anything like that but I want to give you something to pray about. Here are some links to some blogs to let you see what I have been absorbing:

Steven Furtick

Pete Wilson



I know that these links will take a while to read all of the blog entries but I am sincerely asking you to.

Here is where I feel God is speaking to me.

Why in the world can’t Christians get it together. We fight for a united cause. When I read Colossians this past week, It was a letter to a church that was so caught up in ceremonial law that they weren’t experiencing the life in Christ that they should. They are more worried about what they believe and how much they know (not to say this isn’t extremely important, just priorities) rather than their life reflecting the life of their Savior. Here is what I want to say to you all if you don’t have your prayer life too full. Pray that God raises up someone who can unite denominations, unite Christians, followers of Christ, redeemed believers in a movement of God to rise up and minister to the World. The tools and abilities are out there. We need a community of God and a Team put together by God to start it.

Time to pray. God wants to change this world. And He wants his people to give everything up that they feel they need (wants) and to get attached to a movement of God. I pray that it starts soon!

Manga Bible

So I went to Barnes and Noble the other day with the in-laws. I was checking out some books and was looking for a chain reference Bible. It was a cool tool that my boss had that we used when writing curriuculum. Anyway as I’m looking for this Bible this couple rushes straight up to a Manga Bible.

Is this how kids will read the Bible in the future? on TwitPic

If you don’t know what manga is here is a link that will tell you what you need to know. Basically it’s like a comic book. The couple then complains about “the dumbing down of God’s word”. Here is what I want to know from my readers.

Is this dumbing down of God’s word or something different. What do you feel about this idea of a manga Bible? Again if you don’t know what Manga is please click the link before you comment.

Practicing Greatness

So today I started reading a book called Practicing Greatness. The first couple lines in the first chapter reminded me of something that really pushed me further in my walk with Christ than anything I can remember.

Mediocrity for Christ is a sin. I remember having this sort of cosmic conflict in my life between Greatness and Humility. That somehow being great was not being humble. It may sound silly but to me as a middle schooler to about a junior in high school I really struggled with this idea. Then I found someone who told me this exact thing. That Christ wanted all of me. He wanted it now and He wanted me to pursue Him fervently and with zeal. I was just overwhelmed to be a part of something much bigger than I had dreamed and gave it all that I had. It was incredible to strive to be great by giving and giving and giving. It changed my life and I will always remember that time in my life as a major step in becoming a leader.

Phillipians 2 talks about just that. Christ gave all that He had and we should do the same. Living like a Great Leader means humility. When James and John were arguing about being the greatest in the kingdom of heaven, did Christ say don’t be great just be normal and blend in and be humble. No! He said those that are last will be first. He didn’t disregard their mission but instead gave them guidance and a direction to lean to.

So this morning I want to tell you to be great. Read Phillipians 2 for a direction and guidance from the Father and be great. The cause is Christ and people that are far from Him. Go after the cause and be great.

A Brand New Week

Our first week of our series called “More than a Story” went very well yesterday. It was incredible to see kids really wrestle with the idea that God isn’t angry at them. We gave them the mission of Christ. A rescue mission where we got off of the path that God had for us and needed to be rescued. Jesus came to “seek and to save that which was lost” (Luke 19:10) I think that our kids are beginning to see this mission of Christ and are understanding that God loves them and wants to restore their relationship more than anything else this holiday season.

Thank you so much for your prayers. God is speaking to our kids and it is because people like you are seeking God’s face so that our kids can hear from God.

An incredible weekend capped off with an incredible time for our kids. Awesome, Awesome, Awesome. I am so thankful for what I get to do.

Now it’s time to get crackin on some more stuff. You guys rock thanks so much!

Please Pray this weekend

We are starting our Christmas Curriculum on Sunday for our Elementary School. We are praying for God to allow these kids to see Jesus as more than just a character in a story, more than just a name, more than just a man, but our Savior who lived a life FOR US! We are always praying for our kids to get truth. Because the Truth of God changes lives. Imagine as my friend Patti Jo Mackey said “What if kids grew up living without all of the lives of religion, life, and experience and instead live their life (entire life) based on the Truth of God’s word…”

So I am asking you to pray and pray hard that our kids will receive God’s truth this week and everytime that we have an opportunity to. That God will allow us to raise up students of God’s words and workers and leaders all working together for the kingdom of God right now. Not waiting on an age, stage, or position. Our kids have what they need to live for God and that is Him! I just pray that we get out of the way and let them get Him without us getting in the way. Please pray, pray, pray, and pray for our kids this week. It’s a big week.

Children’s Ministry of the Future???

I got an email from a friend today asking what I thought about Children’s Ministry and what it will look like in the next few years. I will just copy what I wrote and really want to know your thoughts:

We are always thinking about this here at Brookwood. I think that a lot of the people are missing the boat on looking for the next program or the next teaching method to really revolutionize Children’s Ministry the way that the Large Group/Small Group setup did in the 80s-90s.

I don’t have an answer for that. But I tend to think something totally different. I think that Children’s Ministry of the future has more to do with equipping kids with the tools to “do” ministry. It is something that student ministries are very good at and on top of that our culture is becoming more and more of a creative culture. Meaning that we create our own content. This trend will be seen very soon through Elementary age kids.

From Greeting, to tech, to drama, and worship. This will begin to become the forefront of Children’s ministries around the country. Kids will begin to shift from “the place I go on Sunday” to “My Church that I am a part of”

We need to be ready to develop and harness their ability to create. There is a big potential for problems because of the way that schools are set up. A lot of them are behind the curve on giving kids a balanced view on gifts and abilities. Academia or physical education seem to be the only outlet. If kids begin the discovery process earlier then it is possible for the school to see more and more problems and more and more kids looking for another outlet for their gifts.

I think that will be the biggest shift. Some others that we might see include doing away with the Large Group/Small Group model altogether. A possible decrease in large events in favor of smaller connection type events. And music that begins to work with Student Ministry in leading The Church in worship.

I hope this answers some questions and maybe will give you a few things to think about. Thanks man for the opportunity to dump on you and give you a few thoughts.

I am so extremely weirded out that God lets me talk about these things. Believe me I thought it would be years before I got to an email like that one. For all of you involved in CM what do you think the future looks like?