Mom Song – Video

This is such a funny video… This was done by Anita Renfroe at Northland Church… It is so incredibly funny!

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Catalyst Recap

Incredible two days at catalyst last week! I was so challenged, encouraged, and motivated by the many people involved in the conference. I am so incredibly blessed to be where I am, doing what I am doing, and serving the God that I serve.

I will try and recap some of the thoughts that really challenged me over those two days and would love to have a dialogue about them. I am so thankful that a conference like this exists to speak to leaders, young leaders.

One thing that I had a problem with, however was the fact that there wasn’t a Children’s box for us to check. There was a Youth worker and lots of other positions available for choosing, but not in Children’s ministry. I am not insanely mad or upset but it did make me think, why is it like this? Is it because there just aren’t many leaders in Children’s ministry? Or because they wouldn’t invest enough to go to Catalyst? Or how about because maybe while students are our future, or are the present as my friend J.R. Lee would say, children are more babysat in churches than really confronted with spiritual issues and challenged to make a difference when they are young?

I don’t know but I do know that hopefully, God will allow me to make enough of a difference in the lives of kids to where these questions dissappear from my thoughts and yours.

Anyway as I climb off of my soapbox be looking back here to see some opinions of what I heard at Catalyst.

Wow football is here

I can’t wait until tonight. I am ready for kickoff. Bring on the football baby!

Lots of things pacing through my mind

I am so thankful for everything that is going on in my life right now:

  • big things at church for the kids coming up.
  • Kristen and my next challenge as she returns to school and has a job.
  • Learning some new software to help boost our production value.
  • Bigger role in teaching the kids for our volunteers.
  • More of our ministry is now being given by our volunteers which is a great value.

No more 5th graders this week I’m sad but they are moving into the student ministry this Sunday for the first time. My first group of kids that are moving up. Kinda sad.

I can’t wait to get started on fall it starts in a couple weeks and I am so pumped about this next step in our journey of growth as a children’s ministry. Here we come fall.

Kids, Kids, Kids

Besides the crazy music videos out there guess what two types of videos are the most popular?

  • Children
  • Dancing videos

Why do you think that is? I really believe that there are two things that I know about life.

  1. Dancing is so incredibly fun regardless of if you can do it or not.
  2. Children bring joy to your heart like nothing else in this world.

Imagine if you can children dancing. That is something that I have really never experience until I got to Brookwood but our kids love to dance. From the Cha Cha Slide to the Electric Slide and the Cupid Shuffle as celebration songs for kids lasting through our large group. It is one of the highlights of my week watching about 500 kids a week dancing to these songs.

If you haven’t played some good dance music for your kids lately I suggest you do it. It will make you laugh and smile like never before.

Are you leaving a Legacy?

My parents came in town the other day and my Dad and I got a chance to talk. It was fun to see everyone. I have missed them alot since I’ve moved to Greenville, Sc. He told me something amazing.

He told me that his Pastor and my Pastor at my home church in Atoka, TN has put me on a list of people that he is praying for. That me feel awesome by itself cuz this is a man who has pastored the same church for more than 20 years and has seen me grow from a small child. But my dad told me that Pastor Bob Lane put me on a list along with 48 other people serving in ministry that He prays for everyday. All 49 of us have been under Brother Bob’s teachings at some point in our lives. In a church that has a little over 200 members Bro. Bob is responsible for 49 people serving Christ in churches!

I can just hope that one day I can impact that many people in a way that they want to commit their lives to Christ. I was so humbled and intrigued. Some people (including myself at times) struggle to find how God works in small churches but I realized that God calls churches to different individual calls beside the worldwide calls He gave to all churches. Maybe yours is to feed the poor, or help addicts receive a new lifestyle, or develop leaders, or be an incredible place of worship, but whichever way it is I pray that you are doing it in such a way as to give an excellent service to God.

Are you leaving a legacy?

Adventure Week Notes

I can’t believe that its here but also I can’t believe that we are done with day 2.

I would give alot more information besides the awesome incredible worship and super fun kids. But honestly there is no way I could put it all into a blog entry especially with the schedule for this week.

By the way I am getting and iPhone in 1-3 weeks.