Orange Conference:Blogger’s Lounge!!!

So I have been asked to be a part of the Blogger’s Lounge at the Orange Conference this year in Atlanta, GA. I went last year with our Children’s Staff at Brookwood and it was incredible. Besides all the stuff you will see everywhere else, there is an extremely important reason for you to go. It’s called connection.

You can connect with people from all over the world who are in similar situations with similar experiences. God has given us an opportunity to tap into one another in more ways than possible. This is a way that you can take advantage of: This year there will be a Blogger’s Lounge. It’s going to be an incredibly awesome way to meet and greet some people that are making a big difference where they are: Here’s the latest list of everyone that will be there.

Carlos Whittaker – Production Director, Buckhead Church, GA
Twitter: loswhit

Jon Acuff – Creative Writer, GA
Twitter: prodigaljohn
Blog:,, 97secondswithGodcom

Ben Arment – Director, Catalyst West Coast, GA
Twitter: BenArment

Brad Lomenick – Executive Director, Catalyst, GA
Twitter: bradlomenick

JC Thompson – Elem. Production Director, Brookwood Church, SC
Twitter: jcsonline

Kenny Conley – Next Generation Pastor, Gateway Church, TX
Twitter: kennyconley

Matt Mckee – Pastor of Students and Children, Horizon Community Church, OH
Twitter: mattmckee

Jonathan Cliff – Children’s Pastor, Trinity Church, TX
Twitter: jonathancliff

Sam Luce – Children’s Ministry Director Mt. Zion Ministries Church, NY
Twitter: samluce

Gina McLain – LifeKids Pastor,, OK
Twitter: jabberfrog

Chad Swanzy – Student Ministried Pastor, Gateway Church, TX
Twitter: theuprisinglive

Rick Smith – Youth Speaker, Seminary Student, TX
Twitter: Rick_Smith

Anna Meadows – Associate Youth Pastor,, OK
Twitter: anna_meadows

John Saddington – Creative Web Director, North Point Ministries, GA
Twitter: human3rror


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  1. Hey folks!
    We’re totally bummed we’ve had to cancel our group’s ORANGE Conference reservation this year, but we’ve got these NINE hotel rooms near the arena at the Comfort Suites. Let me know if anyone is interested in these rooms!

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