We got O.J.!

I am more than satisfied with the Grizzlies draft here is an example of what we got this year.


You can’t hold this mayo!


This weekend at camp…

So I’m at Ridgecrest, NC.

couple things while I have just a little bit of free time:

  • why are there no old husband’s tales?
  • Jeff Slaughter is an incredible worship leader.
  • Wal-Mart’s are very rare in the mountains.
  • if you are in ridgecrest, nc check out fat buddies bbq it’s good not quite memphis but really what is?
  • thru all the ridiculous antics and kid behavior i love them. Kids can make a difference.
  • Got to explain real answers to kids about the world, Bible, and God
  • you should go to a kids camp in your life it will change the way you view worship!! I promise you!!


wow how in the world have I hit 5,000 views! People know that I am from Drummonds, TN right?

o well thanks for reading.

Love your wife

I am not an expert by any means in marriage but one of the most important things that I took away from marriage counseling was this:


Seems extremely simple but honestly it’s not, at least in my life. As a guy you want to fix something or you want to avoid the problem. Like anytime my wife is ill the first thing that I want to do is: “What can I do to fix it baby?”

But she wants my love, and to hold her. In fact we see biblical representation of this art:
Ephesians 5:25

Husbands Love your wives. That is what the bible commands us to do.

How many of you husbands know why your wives fell in love with you? Was it your money? Was it your smashing good looks? Or was it the fact that she knew you cared about her so much in each and every way. If so why do we worry about the things that aren’t the number one priority.

I hope this helped someone today.

The Fakers lose, The Fakers lose

After so much complaining after the Pau Gasol trade in Memphis I am more than satisfied with the results. 


Before I go on a rant I will tell you that I am a Grizzlies fan and yes we are terrible but we have been to the playoffs a couple times in the last 5 years not everyone can say that. We didn’t win a single game there  but who is counting.


We traded away “our franchise player” for an expiring contract, a 6’5″ combo guard with potential, and two first round draft picks. Grizzlies fan wanted more “value” the problem with this scenario is that everyone knew what Pau is. His name that I have called him for about the past 4 years is Gasoft. He gets pushed around and is hardly a defensive presence. He is a 7 footer that is a finesse player. Not my kind of 7 footer.


So we traded him and I will admit that I was the one crying to trade Pau for about the past year and a half before the deal was made. I heard it was made and I was ecstatic. 2 first rounders, losing Pau and his contract, an extra 9 million dollars and a guy that could turn into a scorer in this league. But the fickle fans of Memphis were embittered toward the front office for the “worst trade in NBA history.”


Chris Wallace, gm of the Memphis Grizzlies, I salute you for pulling the trigger. We have flexibility now to make moves which is where we have been handcuffed in the past. I am ready to see some things happen.


So I am more than overjoyed to see someone else have to go through the Gasoft era and have him whine after he misses a 2 ft layup or get pushed out of the paint by a SF. Thank you Fakers for taking the whining spaniard off of our hands and maybe he will bring you what he brought us: disappointment.


P.S. CW i wish you would try and go after oden really hard right now he loves mike conley and i think if we gave portland mike miller, lowry, warrick the 28 and the lakers 2010 and we take a raef lafrentz type back along with oden they might bite because of the knee problems. who knows.



Undignified worship

This story is told so often but I love it. David after seeing the family that was holding the ark prosper decided to go celebrate in the blessings. He basically dances and worships God so much so that he ends up with no clothes on…


That’s a weird way to celebrate but the key is that David was so incredibly thankful for all that has happened in his life that nothing would stop him from thanking his God for deliverance. Man to have a heart like that.


Literally these are people that he sees all the time. Imagine yourself as a pastor of a church celebrating in a way that all of your clothes come off right in front of your entire congregation.


I love to worship and be absorbed into praise through song and dance. But in no way is my worship as dedicated and as strong to Christ as this. I pray that it will be. But you probably will remain to see in my clothes on a daily basis.

Incredible Post

I am very consumed in the blog world and I came across a great post I wanted to share it with you:

 Altar call for children or not?

I know that we live in an elastic culture and that with the internet our brain wants to switch to the next thing before reading all the way through the article but I beg you please read it in its entirety. It is pretty informative. let me know what you think…