No way in the world I couldn’t pick these football games.

Ok so there are a few conf. championships going on this weekend. I wanted to weigh in with some picks and a few opinions.

First the one that I want to watch soooo bad. Florida vs. Alabama in the SEC Championship.

Here is what I will say to you. I have seen Alabama play some teams that play a similar style to Florida. Obviously they don’t have the complete package that Florida has but they want to get to the edge and beat you with their speed. The use misdirection and option style plays to make an impact. Alabama doesn’t care. They have beaten everyone. If you are a college football team would you rather have the best offensive and defensive lines or the best skill players. I know that I would much rather have the lines. And that is what Alabama has. I don’t think that Bama struggles to win this one at all. I know this isn’t popular and I might be totally wrong but I don’t see bama losing this one.

Next the Big 12 Championship

OU vs. Missou

Honestly I really want Missou to win this so the BCS will crumble and maybe a playoff system will at least be considered by some major programs. Anyway, It’s gonna be cold and it’s a stadium that Missou played in last week. They are a bit more accustomed to it. Plus OU is not in good graces right now really with anyone on a national scale. And the fact that Bob Stoops has lost big games when not at home in the last 3 years has made me really think Missou has a chance. I am picking OU but I really really think Missou has a shot at this thing.

I would pick the ACC Championship but honestly no one cares.

USC beats UCLA and gets another BCS berth.

That’s it. Check it out. let me know what you think.


Football Predictions

Ok so I’m back with some more picks. For the year I am 22-10. I am pretty excited about that. In the last three football picks post. I am 12-3 in NCAA Football! So I am killin it right now. So here are my picks for today.

Texas over Texas Tech. (Too much pressure on the Raiders)

Florida over GA by alot. (Florida is in an offensive groove and GA gave up over 500 yards to the offensive juggernaut known as LSU, not to mention this has been on Florida’s calendar all year.)

Florida St. over Georgia Tech

South Carolina over UT. I hate UT (but I am not confident in this pick.)

Upset pick of the wk:

Technically Florida over GA is an upset but I will give you another one (WVU over UCONN)

NFL picks:

Giants over the Cowboys (did I mention that I hate the Cowboys)

Bears over the Lions

Dolphins over the Broncos

Talk it up and you are more than welcome to challenge me. Only if you enjoy losing and the embarassment of it.

Football Picks

Ok so I have been missing the last few weeks. Just really busy and haven’t put alot into it. But here are my picks.

I am 16-8 for the year.

My NCAA picks:

Texas over Missouri

GT over Clemson (sorry Dabo)

Georgia over Vandy

OSU over MSU

and my Upset Special this week:

Ole Miss over Bama. Ole Miss will be ready to play and they have the offensive line to beat Bama at the line of scrimmage.

NFL picks:

Pittsburgh over Cincy

New Orleans over Carolina

and upset special

St. Louis over Dallas. I hate Dallas. And new coach Haslett knows to give it to Steven Jackson.

Football picks!

last week I was 5-3 once again. That puts me at 10-6 for the year.

NCAA last week: 4-1

NFL: 1-2

So this week here are my picks for the weekend:


Notre Dame over Purdue

Memphis over Arkansas St.

LSU over Miss. St.

Clemson over Maryland

Upset pick: Alabama over Georgia.

NFL picks:

Minnesota over Tennessee

Carolina over Atlanta

San Diego over Oakland

There they are weigh in and let me know what you think.

Football Predictions

So Last Week my record was: 5-3

in NCAA: 3-2 my upset of Tulane almost came through.

in NFL:2-1 Philly let me down against Dallas

this week is tough but I think I have great picks.

NCAA Football:

Florida over Tennessee

LSU over Auburn

Alabama over Arkansas

ECU over NC State

upset special: Boise St. over 17 Oregon.

also watch for Georgia to get beat at Arizona St. but not confident enough to make that call.

NFL picks:

Arizona over Washington

Green Bay over Dallas

Seattle over St. Louis

check back next week to see my record.

Tell me what you are thinking below.

Football Predictions

Alright so I’m making predictions this week and you can definitely let me know what you think:

First of all college football:

Memphis over Marshall (we need our first win)

USC over Ohio St.

Georgia over SC (sorry baby!)

Auburn over Miss St.

upset special: Tulane over ECU.

every Sat. Morning I will give five college picks and 3 nfl picks:

Philly over Dallas

Pittsburgh over Cleveland

GB over Detroit

that’s all for this week!

We will review next week!!