Next CM Program???

I have had alot of stuff to do and so not a lot of time to put into the blog. And with some links from some awesome people in CM I feel like I have let them down a bit… Sorry Pudge and Dave πŸ™‚

So for this post I want to know what do you think the next program look is in children’s ministry? Are there any trends that you are seeing in Children’s Ministry Programming? Puppets, Drama, Worship, Large Group, Small Group yes or no?

What do you guys think? What are you doing currently that kids are diggin on and what do you think CM will look like in 5 years? Remember open forum.

You guys rock can’t wait to see what you think!!!


Feeling a little homesick today..

Ever really miss your hometown? Today is one of those day that despite coming from the most violent city in America and hearing all that stuff on the news all the time about crime I just miss it…

A couple of things have happened since I moved to Greenville, SC.

  • My Alma Mater went to an NCAA national championship game. (They lost, but they were there)
  • The Memphis Grizzlies drafted a player that might actually take them to a playoff win. (OJ Mayo I support thee)
  • And today to cap it all off it snowed there last night! It rarely snows in Memphis and it brought back some memories of my family playing in the snow and throwing snowballs at each others face as we all try and run and hide! Fun times…

So today I’m just a lil bit homesick. So pray for me πŸ™‚

Man there are some weird sayings out there…

So as I’m about to fall asleep last night I’m thinking about some sayings that just really confuse me:

  1. “Jesus take the wheel”: First of all I really don’t think that Jesus ever drove anything… And shouldn’t it be like Dale Earnhardt take the wheel or Jeff Gordon take the wheel. And secondly if you really want a saying about Jesus how bout Jesus take the car or pick up the house…
  2. “If you play your cards right”: Is there an option to play them wrong? Or is it like you have a deck of UNO cards and you need to play UNO with them and not like Solitaire. Wouldn’t it just be common sense to play them right? And if it is like the Game of War card game then there really is no strategy at all.
  3. “So good it will make you slap somebody”: Do feelings of joy make you really that violent? I mean has anyone ever partaken in something so great that their immediate reaction is “O I should really slap someone right now” Doesn’t make any sense.
  4. “That’s like comparing apples to oranges”-Aren’t they both fruits and sort of round? Doesn’t that make them similar?
  5. “Going the whole nine yards”: Now I am a football fan. Doesn’t it take ten yards to get a first down? So if you go the whole nine yards you didn’t get far enough!
  6. And last but not least my favorite: “You can’t have your cake and eat it too”: yes you can in fact if you have cake and don’t eat it: WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! I thought the purpose of cake was to eat it, Am I missing something?

Mom Song – Video

This is such a funny video… This was done by Anita Renfroe at Northland Church… It is so incredibly funny!

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Great Weekend!

I just got into the office after an incredible weekend this weekend. We went to Acworth, GA to see some friends at Freedom Church.

Pastor JR Lee was my student minister when I was in Memphis, TN and their family and Todd Lollis‘ family started a church one year ago this past Sunday. They are doing amazing things and if you are anywhere close to Acworth, GA you need to check them out…

Also just had an incredible time with my wife. I had so much fun hanging out with my wife and seeing some little ones on her arm. She is going to make an awesome mother.

Anyway getting back to the grind today. Already rendering some green screen footage.

What an Incredible Day Today!

This is such a significant day in the history of America. Being from Memphis, Tn I know that racism is still so prevalent in America. If you don’t think it is then you are fooling yourselves.

I am so incredibly glad that a day like today is happening in this country. I can’t imagine the dreams being solidified today in the homes of many kids this morning. I hope that everyone watches and I hope that everyone sees how big and important this day is. I am just praying so much for him and his family. It’s going to be so incredibly tough for them. I remember what it was like to wear a patch on my eye to school and to play sports and to eat lunch with. I received so much ridicule. The difference is that I could take the patch off at the end of the day.

I can’t imagine not receiving the same opportunities as others. So I am thankful for this idea. This post is in no way intended to be a “I think Obama will be a ________ President” I don’t particularly care for those comments. I think that today is more than that. It’s about dreams realized and more of a motivation for boys and girls around the country.

Tell me how incredible today is for you.

Ahead for this week…

There is alot going on this week that has to be done:

  • Finish writing a lesson for our basketball devotions
  • Finish editing this week’s basketball devotion
  • Filming rest of bball devotions
  • Rest of the weekly things
  • Brainstorm some branding (whoo hoo!)