God will remind you of past victories

Have you ever been at a place where you are fearful? Where you feel like their is no escaping the circumstances that you are in. Has there been a time in your life where trouble seems to be everywhere and you can’t get past any of it?


I love the time that I am able to spend in God’s word everyday. Yesterday as I was reading, David was running for his life. Saul was really angry and wanted to kill David. The funny thing is that David had done nothing to be killed except honor Saul and win many victories for the people of God. 

David not knowing where to go turns to Ahimelech a friend that has prayed for David on numerous occasions as we found out later. He needs a weapon and some guidance. Ahimelech prays for God’s guidance in David’s life which number one is awesome to have someone do. But secondly, an amazing thing happens. 

David tells him of his need of a sword. Ahimelech lets him know that he has one. It was the sword of Goliath the Philistine! Talk about some encouragement from God. David is running for his life and is scared to death and God reminds him of that miracle that happened that day! The miracle that David not only experienced, but the one whom God had chosen to work through to accomplish it.

There have been lots of times like this in my life where God has encouraged me in this area. Through a random check when bills come around. Or money I found in a shoe. Or the time where I found the cd of the first sermon I ever preached when I was going through a tough time in my life and the message was exactly what I needed to hear. God is always involved in our life and wants us to be encouraged to do the work that is set before us. I am so thankful for God’ consistent work in my life. Praise God for his wondrous ways!



Now that I’m living in an apartment there are so many people around to observe. That makes me extremely excited because its fun and insightful when you observe. I’ll give you an example of something I observed this weekend at the pool at my apartment. 


There were three little girls from the community. They played together all day long. It was funny to watch the exploration and adventure of the girls as they experienced the pool together as a group. I sometimes wish I could go back to my exploring days or at least have a little bit of that innocent and curious spirit like I once had. With kids, you often see the grace and love of God paired with the doctrine of original sin all in one, haha. You see the community that God’s people should have when the girls hold hands as they jump in the pool and help one another out of the pool and synchronized swimming meets, it was just fun.


But then you also see the fringes of the flesh rising from the innocence of a child. Their food that they once shared are no longer community property but instead selfishly stored for the individual. Or when the girls are leaving the lack of community to wait for one another on the way out. Or the mean things said. Or the unbelievably shocking conversation of weight that three 8 or 9 year old girls had. It was shocking.


If you don’t think that we should be using our resources to reach kids now before their teens or even their adult years… take some time to observe, you’ll see.