Alright I’ve waited long enough for this post…

I have waited and waited and waited and waited. Waiting for someone to talk about this guy for a coaching job and it just hasn’t happened. Everyone right now is drinking the Dabo Swinney Kool-Aid and I think that he is doing some really innovative things. But, he is not what a football program needs right now.

First off, I am not a Clemson fan, but living in Greenville, SC for a little over 8 months, I cannot escape the realities of this discussion. Here is what I will tell you faithful Clemson folks. Dabo is a great emotional person but he seems way immature to be a head coach. You can’t implement all the things that he wants to at one time. It seems desperate and it seems sorta underhanded. But that is just a personal opinion.

I think that there is one person that no one is talking about that should be hired for the job. His name is Brian Kelly. He is the current head coach at Cincinnati. You may not know him. Well let me give you some stats. He is currently 5-1 at Cincy. His overall record as a head coach is 155-55-2! Ridiculous. Check out his coaching record. It is just plain sick. Clemson if you know what is good for you then I hope you at least give this guy a chance. He is proving it right now in a BCS Conference and is really just beating other teams senseless. Give him a shot.

Let me know what you think about the Clemson coaching search.


This play sums up my fantasy team

We got O.J.!

I am more than satisfied with the Grizzlies draft here is an example of what we got this year.


You can’t hold this mayo!

The Fakers lose, The Fakers lose

After so much complaining after the Pau Gasol trade in Memphis I am more than satisfied with the results. 


Before I go on a rant I will tell you that I am a Grizzlies fan and yes we are terrible but we have been to the playoffs a couple times in the last 5 years not everyone can say that. We didn’t win a single game there  but who is counting.


We traded away “our franchise player” for an expiring contract, a 6’5″ combo guard with potential, and two first round draft picks. Grizzlies fan wanted more “value” the problem with this scenario is that everyone knew what Pau is. His name that I have called him for about the past 4 years is Gasoft. He gets pushed around and is hardly a defensive presence. He is a 7 footer that is a finesse player. Not my kind of 7 footer.


So we traded him and I will admit that I was the one crying to trade Pau for about the past year and a half before the deal was made. I heard it was made and I was ecstatic. 2 first rounders, losing Pau and his contract, an extra 9 million dollars and a guy that could turn into a scorer in this league. But the fickle fans of Memphis were embittered toward the front office for the “worst trade in NBA history.”


Chris Wallace, gm of the Memphis Grizzlies, I salute you for pulling the trigger. We have flexibility now to make moves which is where we have been handcuffed in the past. I am ready to see some things happen.


So I am more than overjoyed to see someone else have to go through the Gasoft era and have him whine after he misses a 2 ft layup or get pushed out of the paint by a SF. Thank you Fakers for taking the whining spaniard off of our hands and maybe he will bring you what he brought us: disappointment.


P.S. CW i wish you would try and go after oden really hard right now he loves mike conley and i think if we gave portland mike miller, lowry, warrick the 28 and the lakers 2010 and we take a raef lafrentz type back along with oden they might bite because of the knee problems. who knows.



Free Night!

After the past few weeks, it was nice to get a night to just relax. Basketball, Call of Duty 4, and my brain were the only things going on tonight in my lil world. My brain gets so much room to roam on nights like this. 


To illustrate I will give you just a couple of things running through my mind:

  • wondering how fun it would be to coach a kid’s basketball team.
  • trying to figure out finances with actually being on my own for the first time.
  • wondering why we don’t take production as seriously as nickolodeon and mtv does?
  • wanting to understand just how God is working through my life right now.
  • ideas for adventure week (aka VBS).
  • Not enjoying Stax’s restaurant that we had tonight.
  • trying to figure out is there a way to be productive while sleeping.
  • The Memphis Tigers are gonna be great again next year and I’m very excited.
  • NFL draft this weekend.
  • how awkward but wonderful my honeymoon is going to be.
Needless to say my brain has no limits on days like these. I am so grateful for time to unwind and relax for about 3 hours. It was so incredibly refreshing.
Take some time to unwind and relax your brain it makes a difference to everyone in your life.

Game Time

It’s 20 minutes to game time and I am so pumped. Two of my friends are in San Antonio and I recommended they throw things at Kevin Love if he was getting all the calls.


But anyway this is the best basketball team that Memphis has ever had and I can’t wait to see what happens.

Well…i’m sick

the tigers play another big game tonight and im sick what sucks more is that my sister is gonna get to cheer at the game and possibly on tv. So i’m down i might still go but right now i just don’t feel up to it but maybe a little later i will til then out