the charter thing didn’t work out they found someone else. Let me just tell you that this job search is probably the worst thing I’ve ever been through in my entire life including the three years of wearing a patch on my eye. But interestingly enough a new job opportunity presented itself today. We ate lunch with the Children’s Pastor at Brookwood Church. He said he was having a difficult finding a person for this job that he had. He wanted someone:young-checkpreferably a guy-checkcould be in front of people-checkkinda techy-almost check He is looking for sort of a creative guy and someone to do videos and stuff. Unfortunately the last time I did something with that was in high school so the technology is so much more advanced now. But it could be an opportunity and it is full time as far as we know so maybe this is it…. Maybe this is my chance to start in the ministry. As Always God Only Knows!!! 🙂 out 


Interviews wish they were as cool as they sounded

I had a second interview with Charter Media today. For those of you who don’t know what that is I will explain:Charter Communications is a Cable company sort of like Comcast, they have cable services, OnDemand programming, internet, phone, etc. You get the picture… anyways Charter Media is the company that sells advertising space to businesses around the area. So there are 48 channels that businesses could buy TV from to advertise on 24 hours a day or just during a certain show etc. My job is to get people to buy advertising time. There are a variety of different ways to do that but that is basically the outlook of my job. Honestly I’m nervous. Tomorrow they will make a decision on who they will hire. There are three people and I am one of them. Needless to say it would be pretty cool if I got the job and I imagine there would be many different possibilities and opportunities that could come from this position so time will only tell. But I’m waiting to see and there is a possibility that it could work out so check back here tomorrow to hear the update. out

My Lover!!!

 thought I would show you this video as it is very special to me and for those of you that are new to the blog it will be of interest to you I imagine. 

The Homeless and Chinese Buffet

Last Night Josh and some students from Brookwood went to serve dinner to some homeless people in downtown Greenville. It was pretty awesome to see kids get stretched and pulled away from their comfort zone. We gave them food, clothes, a service with a skit performed by some college folks from some university around town and just hung out with them. Its always interesting to see that the same things we struggle with:family, friends, worries are universal. But we got to go home to our very warm house with our very warm blankets and very full fridge. It is and always will be an awesome and humbling experience. And how should you end a night like that you ask: Chinese BuffetThen the night got very funny. First Josh thought he would play this game that is very popular in Taiwan called “Leave your lights on your truck even though someone tells you that you left them on and hope your truck battery dies” and He won!!! So we tried to jump his car off and although unsuccessful we were rejuvenated by the sheer hope of chinese food. We had to make it in before they closed. 5 minute drive time (or so I was told) we left 9:40 got there at 9:47 and when we walked inside instead of finding the normally delicious smells of sesame chicken, lo mein noodles, and egg rolls we found the grotesque picture of them cleaning up the buffet!!!We were shocked and dismayed but after some careful thought and reassuring from the people at the buffet we decided to eat anyway. There wasn’t much left on the buffet but they said they would cook whatever we wanted. I’m pretty sure they wanted to kill us and probably spit in our food multiple times but honestly it was the best chinese food I have ever imagined placing in my mouth. Great night!!! out 

No. 3?

Well honestly I’m not that upset about the UT game. With so much going on in my life basketball is not really a focus but I thought I would write about it.

We got dominated on the boards and shot horrible at the free throw line and were cold from the field not to mention the fact that we didn’t play like a team to get the win (something that we usually do without problem).

All of these problems and we lose by four. No reason to be upset. However how do we fall to number 3? We haven’t lost a single game besides losing to the number 2 team in the country yet we drop to number 3? There is some East Coast Bias going on here…

well at least Duke is very high in the polls.


Greenville Here I AM!!!!

If you don’t know who I am here is what you should knowI am a Show Stopper  I love to chill By the way Jesse and David you have to come as early as possible to Gville for the wedding so we can make some super cool videos. 

New Start

Well I haven’t written a blog in sometime and basically its because I am sort of in a major transition in my life right now. After praying and seeking God for 5 straight days with everything I had I knew that He wanted me to just pack up and move to SC. I got advice, I got counsel, I got scared, I got hopeful and all of these emotions balled into one mass that spilled over when I arrived in Greenville. I have never had a more beautiful moment in my life than having God say “J.C. you’re here, time to start over” No job is the main thing for me… for those of you that no me this is absolutely nothing like me. My ducks are always in a row and while I am spontaneous I would never do something as risky as this. I still don’t have a job and my car broke down after I finally got to where I am staying so needless to say it hasn’t been necessarily earth shattering blessing. But the small things are rocking my world. 

  •  I can see Kristen everyday!!!(if I could fill this entire page with ! it wouldn’t come close to how I feel about this.)
  • I get to be a part of student ministry again (again no amount of ! can express how I feel)
  • I got to do the game at Brookwood Church which I haven’t been in front of students for probably 5 or 6 months! It was awesome.
  • I know that God is preparing me for something and I can’t wait to see what it actually is.
Please continue to pray for me. There is no amount of prayer that is enough. I love all of you guys and I hope to see you all soon. I come back to Memphis on the weekend of the 9th so get ready for a party when I come back.
*Probably just hanging out because I am unemployed right now hehehe.