What an Incredible Day Today!

This is such a significant day in the history of America. Being from Memphis, Tn I know that racism is still so prevalent in America. If you don’t think it is then you are fooling yourselves.

I am so incredibly glad that a day like today is happening in this country. I can’t imagine the dreams being solidified today in the homes of many kids this morning. I hope that everyone watches and I hope that everyone sees how big and important this day is. I am just praying so much for him and his family. It’s going to be so incredibly tough for them. I remember what it was like to wear a patch on my eye to school and to play sports and to eat lunch with. I received so much ridicule. The difference is that I could take the patch off at the end of the day.

I can’t imagine not receiving the same opportunities as others. So I am thankful for this idea. This post is in no way intended to be a “I think Obama will be a ________ President” I don’t particularly care for those comments. I think that today is more than that. It’s about dreams realized and more of a motivation for boys and girls around the country.

Tell me how incredible today is for you.


Election Thoughts

So much to talk about but most of my thoughts were summed up in a post by Lanny Donoho. He wrote what I have been pondering over the last few years. I believe that there is an incredible sense of fear and anger in alot of people. I am soooo glad this election is over. I am so very glad that the campaigning, the political arguments, and last but not least the hateful feelings are subdued for awhile.

Pray for our Prez. Know that God is in control of everything. He always has and He always will. God did not give us a spirit of fear. One thing I would love your thoughts on: How can we make voting easier? I figure that an online election is not very far in the future. I figure just like with the FAFSA you could everyone a PIN and let them vote online. Talk about a time saver! Anyway just thought I would add my cents to the talk.

Free Night!

After the past few weeks, it was nice to get a night to just relax. Basketball, Call of Duty 4, and my brain were the only things going on tonight in my lil world. My brain gets so much room to roam on nights like this. 


To illustrate I will give you just a couple of things running through my mind:

  • wondering how fun it would be to coach a kid’s basketball team.
  • trying to figure out finances with actually being on my own for the first time.
  • wondering why we don’t take production as seriously as nickolodeon and mtv does?
  • wanting to understand just how God is working through my life right now.
  • ideas for adventure week (aka VBS).
  • Not enjoying Stax’s restaurant that we had tonight.
  • trying to figure out is there a way to be productive while sleeping.
  • The Memphis Tigers are gonna be great again next year and I’m very excited.
  • NFL draft this weekend.
  • how awkward but wonderful my honeymoon is going to be.
Needless to say my brain has no limits on days like these. I am so grateful for time to unwind and relax for about 3 hours. It was so incredibly refreshing.
Take some time to unwind and relax your brain it makes a difference to everyone in your life.

Case of the Mondays

Usually I am chipper on Mondays. I love to work and feel like I accomplished something. But today I am not my usual upbeat little self. I had a very tiring weekend: Wedding Bands and Apartment searching.

I felt exhausted on Sunday night but got to chill for just a little bit with Kristen and the Bradleys. It was a nice to time to relax and then I had to go to sleep in order to get enough rest for work and I don’t think that I accomplished that goal. Needless to say I didn’t start off the week well.

However, reading in 1 Samuel was encouraging and I was intrigued by some things. Make sure that you always stay the course. Compromise will take you down a path you don’t want to flesh out. Don’t settle or get lazy work your butt off to make sure you are obeying God and growing in your faith.

I feel like tommorrow will be better. Macbook Pro came in today and it is almost in my hands to get my creative juices flowing.


Super Tuesday

Well I would daresay that some of you today will be voting. I only would tell you a few things. 

  1.  Don’t vote if you aren’t educated about the candidates… the percentage of people that don’t vote around 20-48% depending on which resources you listen to, pales in comparison to those that don’t make an educated decision 60-85% again depending on whom you listen.
  2. I am including a link to a website that will show you a few of the stances that these candidates have  

2decide.comSo as someone who takes this issue very seriously for multiple reasons please get educated about the candidates and don’t use your lack of knowledge of the candidates as a reason not to vote. Take some time to learn about where they stand and make an educated decision… out 

Reunited…and it would feel so good

I am trying to reunite two friends right now knowing that soon i will be in Greenville, SC. I know that they both read my blog so they will both see this and it might even push them further apart but they look like they were in a bad break up….ignoring each other, making innuendos everytime, and asking if the other one said anything about them… I just wish they would both grow up forgive one another and become friends again. So pray that I can get them to get back together.  out 

Abortion yeah we talked about it

So we talked about abortion on tuesday and today my group had a presentation on the subject.

I’m going to be completely honest about the whole thing. I am so thankful that i go to a liberal arts school. I would never have the true opinions and real life examples if i went to a christian bible college or seminary school. People are real and they go through real things that affect their entire life and im glad that i get to experience those things.

 Now i will tell you some of the things that i think are important

  • 93% of abortions are because of inconvenience or just not wanting to have the child.
  • the largest religious sect in America having abortions is Protestant: 37%
  • “Born again Christians”: 23%
  • 1% of abortions are cases of rape: although this number is probably skewed because some women wouldn’t admit that they had an abortion
  • 6% are because of health issues with the mother that are a result of the pregnancy.

These are the stats but they don’t tell the story.  What if you or your daughter or your wife was raped. What would you do? If your wife or daughter would die giving birth what would your decision be?

 These are true things that happen. Honestly i’ve never thought of these situations in such a real light before this week. Their were two women in our class both had abortions. One regretted the decision the other didn’t regret it at all. Both were very young when they had the abortion.

Couple of things i realized

  1. character and beliefs are based on the decisions you make not on the what you say.
  2. Don’t judge people. It is hard to do but just look at the life that Jesus lived and follow The Example.
  3. Pray. there is so much that we need to pray for and we can’t cover it all but i know that i should be praying more.
  4. These issues are more complicated than i ever could’ve imagined.
  5. These things make me think of why abortion wasn’t covered in the Bible. Does God judge based on the rules and the acts or based on the condition of the heart. Easy to say but where is your heart really at?

I am so much better because of this week and I’m even more excited because next week is Euthanasia.


thanks for reading