Well…i’m sick

the tigers play another big game tonight and im sick what sucks more is that my sister is gonna get to cheer at the game and possibly on tv. So i’m down i might still go but right now i just don’t feel up to it but maybe a little later i will til then out 


Reunited…and it would feel so good

I am trying to reunite two friends right now knowing that soon i will be in Greenville, SC. I know that they both read my blog so they will both see this and it might even push them further apart but they look like they were in a bad break up….ignoring each other, making innuendos everytime, and asking if the other one said anything about them… I just wish they would both grow up forgive one another and become friends again. So pray that I can get them to get back together.  out 


Merry Christmas to everyone!!! We opened presents last night and i got about 4 new outfits for my new job. Too bad Santa didn’t get me a job to go with my clothes…. Well there’s always New Year’s!!! out 

Pilgrim’s Progress

I asked for a literary classic for Christmas… The Pilgrim’s Progress. I read this book when I was in like eighth grade and i felt like i needed to refresh my memory not to mention that it is considered one of the greatest works in Christian literature. So i feel it would be good to read it once again. I’ll let you know what I think in a few weeks i suppose. Anyway Merry Christmas to everyone and please keep praying for me and Kristen. Love you guys!!!! 

Georgetown Game

well i went to the georgetown v. memphis game on saturday and honestly it was the best memphis sporting event i have ever been to competing closely with the last louisville game in football that we played.the crowd actually was loud and the house was packed and frankly we dominated georgetown in the second half. It was awesome.Now if only the girls that go would dress in blue instead of like they were going to the club it would be so much better. Also, still no job and I believe that God still wants me here for now and its just not time to leave for SC. I wish though but still am waiting on a job and God’s word for me to move. So please keep praying that I will listen and be active in God’s plan for my life. Next Saturday, versus Arizona 9pm. And for all you haters out there this will be our 3rd ranked team we’ve played this year. And there are still 3 more left on the schedule. And a good ole conference USA team might make it if they keep playing as well as they are so root for Houston so we can beat a decent conference USA team. out 


Well here is what is going on:

  •  Kristen is in town!!!!
  • Jeff Hill’s bday is today happy 22 my man love ya bro
  • I still do not have a job in SC 😦
  • I graduate Cum Laude Saturday Dec. 15th at 2 pm at the FedEx Forum with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Marketing Management
  • I am hoping that posting that last bullet point will peak someone’s interest at a Fortune 500 company to hire me immediately in Greenville, SC
  • I am confused, excited, expectant, fearful, wore out, and energized all at the same time.
  • Georgetown vs. Memphis on Dec. 22nd 11 am!!! Watch out Hoyas!!!
  • I am wondering if where my next step is not so much as where but more of what i guess?
  • I don’t know what to do during the day anymore before work…. any ideas.
  • I got my 360 back just in time for my NBA 2K8 tournament that I was invited to. I am extremely excited at the chance to compete for two tickets to the NBA finals!!!!
  • Also for Christmas/Graduation I got an iMac so I have been playing on it for about a week now and might switch the site again but no guarantees yet.

Any advice for a college graduate? Or just for me??? Sorry its been so long its just the busiest time of the year for me and probably of my life right now.  love you guysout 


Well basically those that commented are on the same page as I am. Number one and the core of this doctrine that we must look at is the finality of salvation. Salvation cannot be lost. The only scriptures that suggest sanctification without salvation are those of the husband that lives with his Christian wife and is so close to salvation because of the example given by her. So first we know that our salvation cannot be lost there is too common a theme and too many verses to overcome to argue that point.And secondly we know that we must exemplify the qualities of Christ.And none of those qualities include sin.So we see the warnings against sin throughout the Bible and yet no example in the New Testament of someone falling into sin??? Where is the connection? Seems very interesting and that is where I will stop. I have learned that more importantly than finding the answer to this question is to pursue the course around the question itself? Maybe the answer will be of importance but strive to be Godly in every way possible and pray that God would have mercy on us as we grow and understand His world and the implications that we felt. After all God judges Christians on our actions “Where are yours geared towards?” acting for or in behalf of people’s needs and our Savior’s glory or finding how to feel better about one’s self instead of moving on in faith??? anyway sorry for such a long wait for such a simple answer…