The Job Search marches on…

So today I applied for two more jobs, I think that made 207 and 208 that I have applied for in Greenville, Sc. What did I apply for you ask? High School Principal and Athletic Director/Head Varsity Coach of a High School.

Can I do these things? Probably

Will I get the job? Probably Not.

Will I be dissapointed yet again? *sigh*….yeh


So many funny things

David Jacks and Jesse Moffat came over this weekend and it was fun to hang out all three of us again. I’m sorry i missed the concert (well not really not a huge fan of any of those bands but Fall Out Boy might have been good)

 But here are some funny things that either happened or I heard this weekend:

  1. A lady shut her finger in the door and a man asked her how bad it hurt and she says “I almost had kittens”
  2. Jesse and David love 3 and 4 year old pieces of candy if you put them together in a large jar.
  3. Me and Jesse discovered David’s love for something very interesting…
  4. Cinnamon sticks from Pizza Hut is code word for Burnt pieces of bread with the wrong dipping sauce.
  5. A game designed for kids on the wii is really designed for college guys who have an affinity for playground games.
  6. USC lost hahahahahaha. Pete Carroll is going to be the GM and coach of the Chargers unless Norv turns it around watch and see.
  7. Memphis won hahahahahaha.
  8. Mr. Dave almost beat someone in fantasy football this week with 3 people on a bye.
  9. I thought about shooting a bird but not one in the wild, one in a cage, at my house.
  10. Memphis is not ranked #1 thanks for the motivation pollers.


Yesterday was great for me. If you know me I love preaching. Yesterday it was an incredible service for me. Seeing a church body care for one another and doing the right things is great. We pounded a family a few weeks ago and one of the things that Faith Baptist Church does is they always read the thank you cards that come in the mail. Honestly its nice knowing you made a difference. The pounding (giving people in need food items and household things and money is what a pounding is) allowed the family to keep their house. How incredible is that!!! We didn’t know that but God used faithful people doing what they can to save someone’s home!!

 But the preaching is a little different here. I’ve heard the pastor for a large part of my life and he preaches a different style than do most Southern Baptist preachers. I call it freelance preaching but honestly he takes a subject and uses related verses from the Old and New Testament to relate his points and show the continuity of the theme throughout the Bible.

Yesterday the message was geared towards storms. And he gave the old adage you are either in a storm, coming out of a storm, or about to enter a storm. But instead of focusing on that He showed how God either gives you power, peace, or His presence to cause you to rise out of that.

Also when you look at the people in the New Testament with ailments how often are they so close to the solution… lame man near the pool of Bethesda, leper near the temple, etc. They are so close to healing but until someone either Jesus or usually Paul presents the relationship to them a change will never take place. No matter how close you are until you meet Jesus you won’t find a solution (look at the man who complimented His answer to the question in the temple by the Pharisees.)

 I need God to call me to a situation. I am praying that I would know what that situation is. I wish that I could come into a Joshua situation without the former leader dying of course. But more than anything I know that when that time comes God will call me to arise in power and follow Him in obedience.


Atheistic views are confusing to me…

I was talking with David the other day about how Atheists get upset if you mention God. Its very confusing to me. One of my employees is an atheist and if you mention God around him he gets very offended. Except for when I mention it.

Two things are interesting to me about this… One I don’t get offended by people when they mention Mohammed or Buddhism or even the fact that God doesn’t exist. It either makes me laugh or it just makes me feel very sorry for them and hope that the Holy Spirit will enlighten them.

Secondly, the guy at work and I have a relationship. I have built one. He won’t get offended at what I say because he knows me for who I am and what I believe. I am not in his face about things but he clearly knows where I stand. But its very interesting the impact that building true relationships with people can have.

I will try to blog more often but I’ve been kinda busy not too much but kinda busy with everything. Keep praying that God will open that specific door in SC and that it will happen like it is supposed to. Thanks for reading


Job Search

well FedEx wants me to work from 2-11 am!! Worst hours ever but sometimes you have to do what you have to do… but honestly I’m praying and hoping that UPS picks up the pace and offers me a sales rep job.

Speaking of that I talked to someone new from the Brown. Gwen Rawls is the head of the BD department (business development) and she hires people for the sales rep job. She works out of Columbia and I will work in Greenville. Its like Jackson,TN to Memphis basically is the same distance.

She told me that the Greenville market is large enough to need sales people very often and therefore I put in my resume and hopefully something will open up for me.

I know that I have been praying for a general job but honestly, very honestly, this is the job that I want. Please pray specifically that something will open up for me. I know that this blog is full of different topics but I try to be honest and open with my life and I need God to open a door, this door preferably. Please pray hard and continuously and God will work and I will respond.

 Thanks for reading and keeping up with my crazy life. Love you guys and let me know if there is anything that I can do for you.

Update on my job search

I have an interview with FedEx on Monday and I was excited because it is going to be a full time job and in the industry that I currently work in with a big company and with the opportunity to move up.

Then I received and email that is as follows:

“Do you think you could start at 2, am that is?”

Needless to say I am extremely dissappointed. It just seems sometimes like nothing can work out can it.

Today I read in Ezekiel about the dry bones that God brought to life.

Either this means that if God can make dry bones live than He can certainly get me a job in SC or I should be an archaeologist…

time will only tell



I am leaving right now to go play golf at Galloway. I have never played golf on an actual golf course and am sure that there will be some interesting stories to come from today’s events.

 I will let you know.