Orange Conference:Blogger’s Lounge!!!

So I have been asked to be a part of the Blogger’s Lounge at the Orange Conference this year in Atlanta, GA. I went last year with our Children’s Staff at Brookwood and it was incredible. Besides all the stuff you will see everywhere else, there is an extremely important reason for you to go. It’s called connection.

You can connect with people from all over the world who are in similar situations with similar experiences. God has given us an opportunity to tap into one another in more ways than possible. This is a way that you can take advantage of: This year there will be a Blogger’s Lounge. It’s going to be an incredibly awesome way to meet and greet some people that are making a big difference where they are: Here’s the latest list of everyone that will be there.

Carlos Whittaker – Production Director, Buckhead Church, GA
Twitter: loswhit

Jon Acuff – Creative Writer, GA
Twitter: prodigaljohn
Blog:,, 97secondswithGodcom

Ben Arment – Director, Catalyst West Coast, GA
Twitter: BenArment

Brad Lomenick – Executive Director, Catalyst, GA
Twitter: bradlomenick

JC Thompson – Elem. Production Director, Brookwood Church, SC
Twitter: jcsonline

Kenny Conley – Next Generation Pastor, Gateway Church, TX
Twitter: kennyconley

Matt Mckee – Pastor of Students and Children, Horizon Community Church, OH
Twitter: mattmckee

Jonathan Cliff – Children’s Pastor, Trinity Church, TX
Twitter: jonathancliff

Sam Luce – Children’s Ministry Director Mt. Zion Ministries Church, NY
Twitter: samluce

Gina McLain – LifeKids Pastor,, OK
Twitter: jabberfrog

Chad Swanzy – Student Ministried Pastor, Gateway Church, TX
Twitter: theuprisinglive

Rick Smith – Youth Speaker, Seminary Student, TX
Twitter: Rick_Smith

Anna Meadows – Associate Youth Pastor,, OK
Twitter: anna_meadows

John Saddington – Creative Web Director, North Point Ministries, GA
Twitter: human3rror


Orange Conference Tweet-UP!

Hey everyone just wanted to let you know that something big is going down at the orange conference 2009 this year! It involves all the people that are twittering and blogging from the children’s world meeting at one place to hang out and chill.

For all the details read the post by Kenny Conley. Awesome CP that I recently added to the blogroll. Go check out his site for the details!

Orange Observations 2

What a great conference!


There were so many amazing speakers: From Chan to Stanley to Giglio. It was absolutely amazing. The worship was phenomenal! I will give you some highlights of things that I learned:


  • “God gave you a unique role as a father and husband, many people can pastor a church… maybe even better than you. But there is only one father to your children and one husband to your wife.”
  • Cultural Relevance may become the golden calf of the church.
  • Influence is not the same as leadership

I learned so much and will probably go into depth in the future about certain people and what they said. I was incredibly blessed by the conference and certainly have a lot to chew on. 

Orange Observations

I won’t tell you everything that went on but I will tell you a little bit.


Steve Fee= incredible. Find a CD of his wrap it in your arms, put on ipod and listen with a friend or by yourself for an incredible ( i wish i could come up with a word to convince you of how awesome he is) worship experience. I was amazed!! Incredible Steve!!


Reggie Joiner delivered a very strong message: Are we thinking like a lovable father?


Very good message and on point for where I am right now in my life.


I also want to point this out in case you don’t know that much about me.  This is a blog completely from me and my opinions. It is not however a place to bash people in any way, shape or form. I am not, I repeat, not going to take part in that. I will point you in a direction of some incredible resources and give you my opinion on many things, but they are opinions.


Know this about me: I love Jesus and I will do whatever I can to get you to a point where you love Him too.


Can’t wait for tomorrow.



Good Morning Pre-Conference

I’m confused about the term pre-conference. That’s what we are attending today at the Gwinnett Center in GA. I don’t know how something is determined to be pre-conference but I am excited to see what it is about.


here’s a list of cool things that have happened thus far:

  • The Varsity- incredible place to eat you must check it out if you are in Atlanta.
  • Diet Coke with Lime and Milano cookies- great combination of snacks for me.
  • They printed our name tags and labels so incredibly fast and they only used iMacs
  • Internet access means I’m still connected to the world from my hotel room.
  • Breakfast at the hotel.
Just looking for the next cool or interesting thing.
Let me know if I’ll see you at the Orange Conference. I would love to meet you.

Orange conf. part dos

I am still extremely excited and even more so about the Orange Conference. I can’t wait to be filled with ideas and inspirations for creative things to do in Children’s ministry. I am praying that not only will I learn to create an atmosphere appealing to kids but even more so that I will be able to push kids further in their walk with Christ.


I can’t wait!!!