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I moved…. sorry the transition had to be made its for mine and my readers own good. But maybe you haven’t heard…

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If you haven’t seen this already you really need to check it out. Pretty awesome little tool.

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Video Work on the Horizon

I have been knee deep in some pretty big projects that are really exciting and challenging at the same time. We just got a new camera a couple weeks back and have been working incredibly hard to make sure that we can use it efficiently. Not to mention the fact that Brookwood now has a pretty excellent studio for Video work and an incredibly giant Green Screen!

And for people like Ned(Children’s Pastor and Boss) and I that means lots of practice time! So I am going to post a video that we used for our staff teambuilding that was filmed on a green screen. There are some issues with it but I would absolutely love to hear some feedback on tips, or things that you might have changed on this video.

I think its pretty good. We didn’t use Motion to key it out we decided to try it out only in Final Cut. So most of the changes are manual in a Chroma Keyer and we also used the Matte Choker filter and a few other things. So let me know what you think of our Green Screen footage!


Here’s a few things to keep an eye on in the coming months and possibly years to come:

  • Apple This goes w/o saying but I figured I would neway.
  • The Written Blogs An incredible content submittal site. An incredibly creative idea that might change the Blog world as we know it. I will submit something soon.
  • 12 seconds Like twitter except with only 12 seconds of video
  • Blackberry Thunder comes out for you Verizon customers.
  • Of course the iPhone 3g.

Just thought I would give you a few things to keep an eye on and for you techy’s out there you would be interested.