I love God’s Word!

So today I’m reading and David is still hiding out. Earlier God had told David that He would give the enemy over into David’s hands. Saul heard where David was hiding out. They were looking for David and Saul needed to “relive himself” (MSG).


  1.  that is hilarious. 
  2.  he goes to relieve himself in the same cave that David is hiding in.
  3. David goes to kill him and has a AHA moment. 
He instead cuts off a piece of his robe and brings it back to his men and said God followed through on his promise but I can’t kill God’s anointed. God followed through in a very interesting way but it wasn’t the victory that David initially wanted.
He felt humbled by God’s follow through and as a result put even more faith in God to go up to Saul and humble himself and give up. Give up to the man that was looking all over the country trying to kill him. The man who got super ticked at his son for helping his best friend escape certain death. I am envious of the change in heart that David has at this moment and in the heat of the battle in what could be the greatest relief of his life David listens.
O God help me to listen to you in the midst of the storm and in the victory. I am so thankful for your faithfulness and guidance continue to lead me in this process called life.