I’m finally moving!!!

So I am finally taking the plunge! I have bought my own domain and have started it and you are welcome to visit.

The site is: JC is ONLINE

Here’s what I would like for you to do when you visit the site:

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  2. Explore the site and comment with any problems or issues (Especially PC users!)
  3. Let me know what you think.

Thanks so much for reading my thoughts, I am happy for this blog to continue to progress and that is all because of the input that you guys give. The input that you give is the most important reason for this blog. I thank you for all that you have done. You guys are awesome and wonderful.



Orange Conference:Blogger’s Lounge!!!

So I have been asked to be a part of the Blogger’s Lounge at the Orange Conference this year in Atlanta, GA. I went last year with our Children’s Staff at Brookwood and it was incredible. Besides all the stuff you will see everywhere else, there is an extremely important reason for you to go. It’s called connection.

You can connect with people from all over the world who are in similar situations with similar experiences. God has given us an opportunity to tap into one another in more ways than possible. This is a way that you can take advantage of: This year there will be a Blogger’s Lounge. It’s going to be an incredibly awesome way to meet and greet some people that are making a big difference where they are: Here’s the latest list of everyone that will be there.

Carlos Whittaker – Production Director, Buckhead Church, GA
Twitter: loswhit
Blog: ragamuffinsoul.com

Jon Acuff – Creative Writer, GA
Twitter: prodigaljohn
Blog: stuffchristianslike.net, prodigaljohn.com, 97secondswithGodcom

Ben Arment – Director, Catalyst West Coast, GA
Twitter: BenArment
Blog: benarment.com

Brad Lomenick – Executive Director, Catalyst, GA
Twitter: bradlomenick
Blog: bradlomenick.com

JC Thompson – Elem. Production Director, Brookwood Church, SC
Twitter: jcsonline
Blog: jcsonline.wordpress.com

Kenny Conley – Next Generation Pastor, Gateway Church, TX
Twitter: kennyconley
Blog: childrensministryonline.com

Matt Mckee – Pastor of Students and Children, Horizon Community Church, OH
Twitter: mattmckee
Blog: mckeelive.com

Jonathan Cliff – Children’s Pastor, Trinity Church, TX
Twitter: jonathancliff
Blog: jonathancliff.com

Sam Luce – Children’s Ministry Director Mt. Zion Ministries Church, NY
Twitter: samluce
Blog: samluce.com

Gina McLain – LifeKids Pastor, LifeChurch.tv, OK
Twitter: jabberfrog
Blog: jabberfrog.com

Chad Swanzy – Student Ministried Pastor, Gateway Church, TX
Twitter: theuprisinglive
Blog: chadswanzy.blogspot.com

Rick Smith – Youth Speaker, Seminary Student, TX
Twitter: Rick_Smith
Blog: rickwsmith.com

Anna Meadows – Associate Youth Pastor, LifeChurch.tv, OK
Twitter: anna_meadows
Blog: annameadows.com

John Saddington – Creative Web Director, North Point Ministries, GA
Twitter: human3rror
Blog: human3rror.com, churchcrunch.com

Planning for the future

So we’ve been so busy around Brookwood Kids, renovating areas, modifying programs, and thinking of stuff to put in our new areas.

One thing that we really are excited about doing is making our production equipment universal. Basically we want to have the same lightboards, soundboards, and video stuff in all areas of the church.


Great question

  • Our kids are fully participating in service.  They are running the program in every sense of the word on Sunday mornings.
  • We want to promote growth in everyone participating in ministry.
  • It allows us to streamline training across ministries. Imagine kids being able to train and learn on smaller versions of stuff being used in your main service. It’s going to be awesome.

I am so glad that our kids are given an opportunity to live out the lesson of service to God on a weekly basis! This is going to allow us to take production up a few levels and allow our kids to realize the potential that they could reach!

Theology in Children’s Ministry

So today, I’m working and working and browsing through the bevvy of tweets that come across my desktop app “Twhirl” I see an awesome post from Kenny Conley called “Where’s The Theology”. Awesome post by Kenny! And I am thinking to myself how do the CM people feel about the notion that you can’t get deep with kids?

I think that Theology is important at all times but especially as a child, and especially in a society where the family dynamic is broken. So where do you go with kids? How do you incorporate theology into what you do? Do you think it’s useless for children?

And on a totally separate note, What direction are you going for Easter in your kids programs? What are you teaching for those weeks? Continuing a program, doing someone’s easter stuff, or writing you own curriculum and what do you want to teach your kids about Easter?

anyway waiting for your comments!

Kids and Truth

I have the wonderful opportunity to teach kids on a weekly basis. I desire to teach them truths about God each and every time that I get the chance. I often remember how my faith has grown over my life. I continually think what are some things that I wish that I had known about God when I was 6-13 years old.

A couple that I have come up with are these:

  • God is not angry with me.
  • God wants the best for my life
  • God loves me more than I love myself.

If we could get a generation of kids to understand these three truths about God, I think it would do wonders for their entire lives. Imagine grasping the truth that God is not angry with you at age 10 and living your entire life with that truth in tow.

So with that said, what are some truths that you wish you had known as a kid about God?

How can Social Media connect and multiply impact?

I think we would all agree with the rise of:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook (I know the oldies are gettin in on it now 🙂 )
  • Live streaming

These are the tools to reach people now. Do you think it’s a coincidence that we are in the middle of a terrible economy and crisis and yet the church is finding incredible ways of connecting with people never thought possible?

My question is this:

How can we use the tools that are now at our disposal to impact the kingdom of Christ TOGETHER?

Piggybacking off of Pudge’s Post

Sorry for the ridiculous alliteration there but first read this post by Pudge. Then think about this. Number one what is our goal in #kidmin or any ministry for that matter.

My goal as a teacher is 1 Timothy 1:5 “But the goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith.” [NASB]

  1. So basically, I want to teach kids to love purely out of a result of their overflowing relationship with God
  2. Sound doctrine or (a good conscience)that comes directly from their personal relationship with God and reading and study of the word of God. Very interesting to do a study on the word conscience in this passage check it out;)
  3. And last sincere faith (deeds, works, acts of service, etc.)

Now with these goals in mind we have been pondering how do we push kids to their Bibles? How do we push them closer to Christ? Are there hurdles that we can remove in order for kids to get in the Bible?

We have pondered so many things:

  • Graphic Bibles
  • Sorta a baseball/Yu-Gi-oH (culturally relevant)card to get kids to read passages
  • Bible Hero Action Figures
  • Videos
  • Online readers

I am wondering if the thing Pudge is talking about is doable. Hulu is an incredible tool but more so imagine how much kids are on the computer. Webkins, Dragonball Z reruns, Webisodes, etc.

How can we put something tangible together that will grab kids attention and get them to come back again and again? Can it be done? Should it be done? Is there another way to do something like this?

Let me hear your thoughts.