Crazy Day Ahead

I am so incredibly psyched about today. There is so much to do right now that I am absolutely loving it. I love accomplishing tasks. It keeps me motivated knowing that I have a task in front of me.


Tonight I have my first meeting with the tech team guys. I am really excited about the chance to speak vision into their lives and allow them to see how they can find significance in light and sound. (Yes, they most certainly can find significance in that service!)


I also get to eat with our Children’s ministry team today. I love the time that we get to spend together with one another and just hang out and grow in our friendship. It’s awesome to see God working in all of our lives in different ways but at the same time growing us in the same direction for our ministry.


Tell me why you think tech people and their service is significant in the lives of your people.


Check out this post!

I am a fan of this guy. Check him out. He is a big time guy to follow on relevance and the church. He believes the same as I do that being relevant is a part of the process. We want the church to define culture. That is his dream and vision. Check out this post by Scott Hodge that he did to see how we can get there.

In the midst of it all…

I am just in reflection today of where God has brought me to. I am learning more and more about grace in my life right now. I think that God teaches us for different reasons or in different ways I guess.

You could learn after some event: for instance my time at UPS taught me that I am a much better leader than I thought that I was. Not to say that I am awesome but God gave me the opportunity and the reassurance that I can truly lead people. But only in hindsight did I learn that.

You could learn in the midst of a time in your life. Right now I am learning in the middle of my production job at Brookwood. I am learning graphic design, praise and worship strategy, and children’s ministry all at the same time on a consistent daily basis.

God can also teach you before you go through something. That’s where I have this feeling about what I am learning about grace right now. As most of you that read this blog already know, those that grow up in the church have the most difficulty understanding the idea of grace. I am beginning not only to learn this on a personal level but see other examples of it in my life. But why is God teaching me this at this time? There is coming a time where I will need this understanding for some reason.

Maybe it for when we have kids. Maybe its for my ministry. Maybe its for a friend. I don’t really know or have any inclination as to where, when or what this lesson’s end means is. But I don’t care.

Knowing more and more of the freedom that I enjoy in Christ is out of this world. I am so thankful for Brookwood (the most gracious church I have imagined!), my personal time with God that is teaching me through the book of 1 Samuel, and the people God has strategically placed around me to teach me this principal of grace! I am so incredibly blessed and can’t wait to see the hindsight part of this lesson. And I can’t wait to see the next lesson that God has for me. 


What is God teaching you? 

I love staff meetings!

Just got done with our weekly children’s ministry staff meeting. I love going and hearing everything that is going on that is not necessarily in my realm of ministry. From having a baby dedication in June to the Taylor’s Helping Hands ministry. It is always incredible to hear encouraging words and vision casting from all different areas of the ministry. 


Tell me about your staff meetings. What do you do that might be different from what everyone else does during their staff meeting? How do you build community with your staffers?

Thank you troops!

Thanks for everything that you’ve done. I am appreciative of the sacrifices you’ve made. Thank you for the freedom that I have to worship freely and all of the other freedoms that I have thank you so much.

I love God’s Word!

So today I’m reading and David is still hiding out. Earlier God had told David that He would give the enemy over into David’s hands. Saul heard where David was hiding out. They were looking for David and Saul needed to “relive himself” (MSG).


  1.  that is hilarious. 
  2.  he goes to relieve himself in the same cave that David is hiding in.
  3. David goes to kill him and has a AHA moment. 
He instead cuts off a piece of his robe and brings it back to his men and said God followed through on his promise but I can’t kill God’s anointed. God followed through in a very interesting way but it wasn’t the victory that David initially wanted.
He felt humbled by God’s follow through and as a result put even more faith in God to go up to Saul and humble himself and give up. Give up to the man that was looking all over the country trying to kill him. The man who got super ticked at his son for helping his best friend escape certain death. I am envious of the change in heart that David has at this moment and in the heat of the battle in what could be the greatest relief of his life David listens.
O God help me to listen to you in the midst of the storm and in the victory. I am so thankful for your faithfulness and guidance continue to lead me in this process called life.

Trip to the Doc

I can’t say that I like Doctors. In fact I can’t say that at all ever. I have only had one doctor that I loved and she was my pediatrician til I was like 11. I just have formed this opinion of doctors over the years based on my experiences with them. I have to go today to the doctor. Honestly, I should have went months ago but with the whole transition with jobs think I thought that it was a smarter move to put it off. 


I have had some kind of crazy stomach issue for the past 7 months and hopefully I will find some sort of resolution today. Pray that they know what is going on cuz no one else has yet.


New doctor, weird health problem, and new insurance = wonderfully stress free day!