Adventure Week 2009

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What are the best things that you’ve seen in a blog?

I really need some feedback on this one… What would you love to see on a blog? What are some things that you find extremely interesting on a blog like mine? Besides my incredible commentary ( πŸ™‚ ) Sarcasm being used there.

All this because I’m looking to upgrade the blog a little and had some ideas but would love some feedback!

My 4 principles for Children’s Production

Well since I do programming for Children’s Ministry thought I would give you the four things that we are always implementing at Brookwood Kids. It’s in a little acronym called FITE.

F-Fun. It’s really simple and yet difficult to achieve across different ages. Kids make a job out of having fun. If they aren’t having fun they aren’t interested in what you are offering to them. Simple yet very hard to achieve on a consistent basis. (fun for 3rd grade girls and 5th grade boys looks a little different!)

I-Interactivity. The kids need to interact with their environment and with the lesson. With the attention spans of children and the need to fit strong Biblical teaching in to your only one hour of connection with the kids during the week, it must be important to allow the kids to participate in what is happening. And when you honestly look at your Christian life, one of the greatest things that you get to do is PARTICIPATE! We don’t want to program into our kids that Jesus, and the life that He calls us to is one where you sit and soak.

T-Timing. This is where for most of you’re programming it could be different. For us at Brookwood Kids, we have about 30 minutes of large group teaching. We use centralized teaching and so it is imperative for us to give our small group leaders as much time to connect with them as possible. This is the part that I struggle with the most because I want the kids to get “it” everytime that I teach and so I embellish a bit πŸ˜‰ Preacher in me I guess. But I understand that while the lesson is extremely important, the connections they make with their SGL’s on a weekly basis is even more important. Do you remember a lesson that taught you more and pushed you further in your walk with Christ or a person that invested in you? Sorry tangent- We make it a priority to time out all of our media elements and make sure that we try as hard as we can to give our SGL’s as much connection time with the kids as possible. And you must consistently work at doing this. (especially me)

E-Excellence. This one might sound very simple to those of you in the programming world, but this is the hardest thing for those of us in CM (or #kidmin πŸ˜‰ ) to get. Why? Because often times you have to battle this “O it’s only kids, attitude”, “They won’t notice, they’re just kids” Those statements kill me. Luckily for us at Brookwood we have incredible support from everyone on our staff. It is unbelievably important to show the kids that you care about what you put in front of them. Be excellent in what you do.

Hope this helps some of you. I’m no expert but thought it would be really beneficial for any of you involved in CM Production!

What would you add to this list?

So I’m pretty excited a few things!

  • First day of filming for Adventure Week 2009. It will be incredible!
  • Orange Conference is coming! If you are going let me know what you are most excited about.
  • I’m excited to get to hang out with our CM staff and the SM staff at Brookwood and not be in a work environment (and worship together!)
  • Getting ready to write some stuff for our Easter Curriculum.
  • First Valentine’s Day with my wife as a married man! (Can’t wait Kristen!)

New tool for CM People!!!

Alright if you are in CM you need to do this right now. Go to this link #kidmin this is a hashtags link. Basically the people that subscribe to this link will get updates from people that are doing things in Children’s Ministry. It’s an awesome idea and I can’t wait to what is being shared on this thing.

It works in an RSS feed, Bloglines or anything like that! Check it out right now. You still aren’t there… what’s taking you so long.


Next CM Program???

I have had alot of stuff to do and so not a lot of time to put into the blog. And with some links from some awesome people in CM I feel like I have let them down a bit… Sorry Pudge and Dave πŸ™‚

So for this post I want to know what do you think the next program look is in children’s ministry? Are there any trends that you are seeing in Children’s Ministry Programming? Puppets, Drama, Worship, Large Group, Small Group yes or no?

What do you guys think? What are you doing currently that kids are diggin on and what do you think CM will look like in 5 years? Remember open forum.

You guys rock can’t wait to see what you think!!!

Wednesday Wisdom: Follow Up on a Comment

I wrote about the future of children’s ministry last week and absolutely loved where people’s minds got to go through the post.

I got a follow up comment from paulthinkingoutloud. Go back and read the comment here

Paul brought up an excellent point. This is been something that I heard alot about a few months ago throughout the CM world. The “memory verse”, everyone knows about it and it is an incredible tool that is probably not being used in the most effective way right now. I think Paul is right that scripture memory is very important. We know that the Word of God doesn’t come back void and I think that those that don’t like rote memorization of scripture aren’t giving God’s word enough justice to let it permeate mind and spirit of those that digest it.

However, I don’t think that the most important thing is scripture memory. The most important thing is getting kids to know Christ in a personal way. A way that leads to development and growth and I think that scripture is a part of that but that can’t be our end goal. Paul is also doing things to promote spiritual development in the home with his children. This is very key. I am not a parent so I cannot fully impart meaningful knowledge on parenting and guiding kids in their spiritual development as a parent. But I do know that parents need to be the ones leading the way on leading their kids in Christ.

It’s funny how parents want to be an influence on a kids life in seemingly every area except the spiritual one. And yes that is a blanket statement because not all parents are like this. But I think the next big step in Children’s ministry really has little to do with kids and more to do with parents. How can we get the parents to be the ones leading the charge in seeing their kids to know Christ?

How can CM connect with parents in a way that provides meaningful resources to them that helps them in their spiritual leadership roles? How can we provide a forum to allow us to know where parents are missing the mark? How can we create a partnership with parents that allows us to be the secondary spiritual leaders in their kids’ lives?

This is a big issue in the next step of CM. Let me know if there is a way out there already or if you’ve got something to add to the discussion.

And thanks to paulthinkingoutloud for the push to remember the scripture when we are teaching kids and not just the relationship. (both are extremely important)