Planning for the future

So we’ve been so busy around Brookwood Kids, renovating areas, modifying programs, and thinking of stuff to put in our new areas.

One thing that we really are excited about doing is making our production equipment universal. Basically we want to have the same lightboards, soundboards, and video stuff in all areas of the church.


Great question

  • Our kids are fully participating in service.  They are running the program in every sense of the word on Sunday mornings.
  • We want to promote growth in everyone participating in ministry.
  • It allows us to streamline training across ministries. Imagine kids being able to train and learn on smaller versions of stuff being used in your main service. It’s going to be awesome.

I am so glad that our kids are given an opportunity to live out the lesson of service to God on a weekly basis! This is going to allow us to take production up a few levels and allow our kids to realize the potential that they could reach!


Orange Conference Tweet-UP!

Hey everyone just wanted to let you know that something big is going down at the orange conference 2009 this year! It involves all the people that are twittering and blogging from the children’s world meeting at one place to hang out and chill.

For all the details read the post by Kenny Conley. Awesome CP that I recently added to the blogroll. Go check out his site for the details!

New tool for CM People!!!

Alright if you are in CM you need to do this right now. Go to this link #kidmin this is a hashtags link. Basically the people that subscribe to this link will get updates from people that are doing things in Children’s Ministry. It’s an awesome idea and I can’t wait to what is being shared on this thing.

It works in an RSS feed, Bloglines or anything like that! Check it out right now. You still aren’t there… what’s taking you so long.


Going after Boys!

Here is what I want from this blog. I need these people to respond:

  • Men
  • Women who know men

Without much thinking I would like for you to name 5 things that you think a 10-13 year old boy would love to do. Anything at all. That is your mission! Now get started.

Wednesday Wisdom

I have learned so much, during my time at Brookwood. From video and production stuff, to relationship building, and ministering to people and more and more about a life that is dedicated to Christ. Learning for me is the lifeblood of what I do. I want Paul’s prayer in Phillipians 1 to come true in my life. That I would learn and do those things that are excellent.

One of the things that has been learned and reinforced and learned and reinforced is that our number one command is to love God with all we have and then love others like you want to be loved. Relationships are the thing that God created us to have. Both with him and with others. Relationships that are deep and meaningful are what God created us for. Our goal at Brookwood Kids is to See Kids Know God and See Kids Be Known Personally. See obviously we want kids to have a meaningful and deep relationship with Christ. And we do meaningful things to do this. But to add to that we add things that allow our adult leaders to know these kids on a personal and meaningful level.

Why? Quick think about the curriculum that truly impacted you and pushed you towards Christ? Nothing… How about a person who made an impact on your life and showed you Christ more than anything. Loving people is what makes a difference. How do I know? It’s because that is what Christ did. He ministered to the least of these and did so with love and excellence. Loving people is something that we need to make a priority. Make the phone calls, write the letters, have that uncomfortable conversation. It makes a difference. And most of all pray that you will be anointed with the Spirit of Christ. Because without Christ and the Spirit your works are just that… works. If you want them to be meaningful then your life has to be bathed in the Spirit and that love will manifest itself out of the overflow of your time with Christ.

My thankful post

While I had some time while my video work is rendering, I wanted to just highlight a few people that I am extremely thankful for.

  • My Wife: she is an incredible encouragement today. As most of you know she has school and a job and she is a wife and that is a giant workload. Especially because she is my wife. But she still has time to be my biggest fan in the world. I know that she believes in me even more than I do alot of times. Not only that but she also has no problem whipping me into shape. She has taught me more about loving others more than anyone in the world. If you don’t know Mrs. Kristen Thompson then you are definitely missing out. Plus she’s hott and my wife and so all those things are in her favor.
  • My Parents: I remember since like third grade my dad telling me that I needed to go to college so that I wouldn’t have to work like him. He’s a machinist. I had a great childhood and this is all because of my parents. They pushed me when it wasn’t popular to push your kids. They were hard on me when I screwed up and loved me through everything. I never had to worry about where my parents stood on the issue of me and my sister. We knew that they loved us with all they had. Now I’m getting to experience a softer side a more relaxed side. I think that God is blessing them with a little relief that one of their kids is done with college and is a success in life and love. My sis will soon join me in that realm. Mom and Dad I am who I am because of you and for that and so much more I am thankful.
  • Children’s Ministry Staff at Brookwood Church: I was brought in on some interesting circumstances. I actually heard about the job and met my boss at the same place. Wild Wing Cafe. I was looking for a job but hadn’t even considered ministry because I figured that it would come later in the future. From love and care and fun to overwhelmingly creative sparks and experience that I couldn’t get from anywhere else. They care for me in a crazy way. And we gel. We are a team with a unified purpose that we always know. I am so thankful for the influence that you all are in my life. All 12 or so of you, hahaha.

I am thankful for so much in my life. God only knows how much I need each of you in my life. Continue to live for Him in a world that denies Him. I love each of you and am so thankful that God has strategically placed each of you in my life. You guys rock!

Weekend Thoughts

Just some random stuff running through my head on a Saturday morning:

  • Why do people read the Bible? I know for some of you, you are thinking why in the world is He asking this… But I am curious to know. We are trying to get our kids involved in reading their Bible. I want to know why people read it on a consistent basis.
  • How senior friendly is your church? I had a talk a long time ago with a friend of mine wondering where are the senior men dedicated to mentoring the younger generation. Now with mega churches and church plants, it seems that there is an undeniable sense that the older folks are getting left out of the mix alot of the time. (Thanks Christianity Today)
  • What are your elementary age kids struggling with? Are there questions out there that they are looking for an answer to? What kinds of problems do they deal with?
  • Why do your kids like church? Or not like church? ( I have some really interesting thoughts about this one. Maybe a post next week.)

Anyway open forum, drop me a comment just wanted to get us thinking about some things over the weekend.