I’m finally moving!!!

So I am finally taking the plunge! I have bought my own domain and have started it and you are welcome to visit.

The site is: JC is ONLINE

Here’s what I would like for you to do when you visit the site:

  1. Subscribe to the RSS feed at the top.
  2. Explore the site and comment with any problems or issues (Especially PC users!)
  3. Let me know what you think.

Thanks so much for reading my thoughts, I am happy for this blog to continue to progress and that is all because of the input that you guys give. The input that you give is the most important reason for this blog. I thank you for all that you have done. You guys are awesome and wonderful.



In honor of V-Day!

I’ve shown this video a few times but just as a throwback for my new readers and as our first V-Day as a married couple, I wanted to show this video again.

This is our engagement. Totally a surprise for Kristen. Check it out!

So I’m pretty excited a few things!

  • First day of filming for Adventure Week 2009. It will be incredible!
  • Orange Conference is coming! If you are going let me know what you are most excited about.
  • I’m excited to get to hang out with our CM staff and the SM staff at Brookwood and not be in a work environment (and worship together!)
  • Getting ready to write some stuff for our Easter Curriculum.
  • First Valentine’s Day with my wife as a married man! (Can’t wait Kristen!)

Feeling a little homesick today..

Ever really miss your hometown? Today is one of those day that despite coming from the most violent city in America and hearing all that stuff on the news all the time about crime I just miss it…

A couple of things have happened since I moved to Greenville, SC.

  • My Alma Mater went to an NCAA national championship game. (They lost, but they were there)
  • The Memphis Grizzlies drafted a player that might actually take them to a playoff win. (OJ Mayo I support thee)
  • And today to cap it all off it snowed there last night! It rarely snows in Memphis and it brought back some memories of my family playing in the snow and throwing snowballs at each others face as we all try and run and hide! Fun times…

So today I’m just a lil bit homesick. So pray for me 🙂

Great Weekend!

I just got into the office after an incredible weekend this weekend. We went to Acworth, GA to see some friends at Freedom Church.

Pastor JR Lee was my student minister when I was in Memphis, TN and their family and Todd Lollis‘ family started a church one year ago this past Sunday. They are doing amazing things and if you are anywhere close to Acworth, GA you need to check them out…

Also just had an incredible time with my wife. I had so much fun hanging out with my wife and seeing some little ones on her arm. She is going to make an awesome mother.

Anyway getting back to the grind today. Already rendering some green screen footage.

Check this guy out!

Looking through my blog stats today and saw a link for one of my friends that started a blog…. today!

So here is what I want you to do. I want you to throw some traffic his way. His name is Aaron Lewis and his wife’s name is Jessica. They moved here not too long ago from Michigan. They have quickly become some of Mine and Kristen’s best friends. They are incredible people and Aaron is an incredible friend. He has come from alot of baggage and is overcoming it day by day. He is passionate about completing his mission from God. He’s also a Michigan fan-all sports (which is very refreshing). And he is also a Lions fan and yes he’s upset that they didn’t win a game. It is always nice to find friends that care about you and have your back no matter what and Aaron and Jess are in that status. Drop him a comment and let him know that you will pray for him just like you guys do for me.


Update on Life…

Just a few updates on life:

  • Great comments on this post
  • Also some not so great comments as well. Guess I should really put more thought into my titles…
  • Big Process of Change happening. We moved offices this weekend and are now in our brand new office building. I have a desk now! (pics coming)
  • I am now separated from our Children’s Pastor and will probably have a few anxiety attacks.
  • I have been learning so much about grace and God’s picture of me. If only I could grasp what God thinks of me and live my life under that view.
  • Kids are growing and learning more.
  • The Drama portion of the Basketball Devotions we have been producing got finished yesterday. Big relief!
  • Really incredible week this week with some great new friends. Aaron and Jess Lewis are two awesome incredible people.

That’s all for now lots to do today. Thanks for reading.