Wow football is here

I can’t wait until tonight. I am ready for kickoff. Bring on the football baby!


Anticipating the Year

So many cool things are happening at Brookwood this year in Children’s ministry.

  1. Imagine watching a Blue Ray HD night at the movies… sounds cool huh? Now imagine that on a 40ftx20ft screen! Just sick!
  2. Also planning alot of connection events so you can get your kids connected to others around them and with their small group leaders.
  3. Not only that but we are also in the midst of planning a Fall Festival event. It is going to be incredibly fun and awesome and you will not want to miss it.
  4. And next year we will get into our renovated facilities which will take us further than we have imagined.

So if you are a part of Brookwood Kids then it is going to be an incredibly awesome year!

Wednesday Wisdom pt. 2

I suprisingly got a few hits off of Wednesday Wisdom two weeks ago when it debuted. I was suprised. Maybe people didn’t see that I was only 22 years old or maybe they didn’t realize I grew up in Drummonds, TN. Google it I dare you.

Anyway today I would like to start a discussion on two different approaches that churches are using for their volunteers.

#1 I call the “Keep it Simple” method. Churches take the time to make sure that everything that their volunteers do is easy and straightforward. This allows the volunteers to  pull off their job without the stress of worrying about complex issues or not being prepared enough. These churches want to make sure that they keep their volunteers from being burned out by not making anything more difficult than what they can do.

#2 Is called by Jim Wideman “The Volunteer Career”. This is a method where churches see volunteers as people that should grow in their area of service. Their job becomes more difficult as time and training progress. But these churches feel that volunteers will be more than willing to accept the added responsibility because they are in their God given skillset.

So my questions to are as follows: Which of these two methods do you feel is the best? Which do you follow? Why do you choose this method?

If you are a volunteer which would you prefer?

Please comment so we can begin a dialogue on this.

Wow good week thus far

Football, books, and a Pastor’s Perks card from Family Christian Stores really has made for an incredible week thus far.

I love watching preseason football for the reasons that everyone else hates it. I love watching the scrubs play, the people that are fighting for jobs and pay and for a dream that they have had since they were young. You see passion and heart in play that you just sometimes miss during the regular season. Don’t get me wrong football players play with passion for the most part but its just not in the same context of the preseason.

As I told you all yesterday I’m starting It a book by Craig Groeschel. I am really pumped about it. I have heard some great things about it and I can’t wait to get started. Next on my list is “Wild Goose Chase” and in between those two is Renovation of the Heart in Daily Practice. A really good devotional on basically how to transform your heart spiritually.

I’m doing something different than my normal routine of books because I generally like to wait until the rush is over to read a book so I can read it and not be in the “what I am reading right now” club. But honestly I just couldn’t pass this one up and so now I am pumped about it.

Not only that but yesterday I found out that I get a card for being in full time ministry that gives me 20% off of everything in the store besides church supplies and stuff that is already on sale. How incredibly sweet is that! So I can’t wait to get some more books and check them out. Anyway what are you reading or planning on reading soon?

Wow big events over for a little while

I am so glad that a little break is coming. From camp to Adventure Week to Children’s Ministry Summit I haven’t had much of a break from big programming. Now the fall is here. We start On the Trail in two weeks! I can’t wait to get that started by the way. Now is when I get to concentrate on some real growing for me. My Motion training guide gets here tomorrow and I am so pumped about that!

Not only that but I got Craig Groeschel’s book, It and I can’t wait to start reading it. I am still looking for suggestions from my CM people on how to get volunteers for production or tech or whatever you call it in your world. If you have any suggestions on where you find them or ways to get them more involved etc. I would love to hear them.

You guys rock I have a little more time to devote to the blogging world so I hope to continue to post now that most of the programming for our big events is over. + this also lets me put some more work into Sunday’s! I am so pumped about this fall and the big things coming in our life. I can’t wait to see what God has planned for this fall.


New experience in ministry

Today I had an interesting feeling in church. Our 5th graders moved up today and that included my strongest volunteer combo. Father and son.

It’s tough in childrens ministry programming to keep volunteers because generally your stuff is viewed as far inferior to the tech crowd. How do you overcome that? Even when your programming is great there seems to be this barrier and limit. Any suggestions?

Lots of things pacing through my mind

I am so thankful for everything that is going on in my life right now:

  • big things at church for the kids coming up.
  • Kristen and my next challenge as she returns to school and has a job.
  • Learning some new software to help boost our production value.
  • Bigger role in teaching the kids for our volunteers.
  • More of our ministry is now being given by our volunteers which is a great value.

No more 5th graders this week I’m sad but they are moving into the student ministry this Sunday for the first time. My first group of kids that are moving up. Kinda sad.

I can’t wait to get started on fall it starts in a couple weeks and I am so pumped about this next step in our journey of growth as a children’s ministry. Here we come fall.