Happy Thanksgiving

Hey I just wanted to wish everyone a wonderful thanksgiving. I am extremely thankful for so much in my life and I absolutely love this holiday.

I’m just hanging out in Memphis and chillin with the family. Don’t forget to comment on the last post. There will probably be another follow up post to that one soon.


Weekend Thoughts

Just some random stuff running through my head on a Saturday morning:

  • Why do people read the Bible? I know for some of you, you are thinking why in the world is He asking this… But I am curious to know. We are trying to get our kids involved in reading their Bible. I want to know why people read it on a consistent basis.
  • How senior friendly is your church? I had a talk a long time ago with a friend of mine wondering where are the senior men dedicated to mentoring the younger generation. Now with mega churches and church plants, it seems that there is an undeniable sense that the older folks are getting left out of the mix alot of the time. (Thanks Christianity Today)
  • What are your elementary age kids struggling with? Are there questions out there that they are looking for an answer to? What kinds of problems do they deal with?
  • Why do your kids like church? Or not like church? ( I have some really interesting thoughts about this one. Maybe a post next week.)

Anyway open forum, drop me a comment just wanted to get us thinking about some things over the weekend.

Update on a few things

Here are a few of the things going on in my world that I am pretty excited about:

  • Between 20-30 3rd-5th graders were serving at the service this past week. From Worship to Telling the Bible story to tech team. Really Awesome!!!
  • CS4 just came in for my Mac today! I am so incredibly pumped to see what is new!
  • Memphis got a commitment from the No. 1 player in High School Basketball yesterday! I’m pretty pumped about that.
  • I am going to Memphis on Tuesday. It will be cool to see my family and eat some Thanksgiving food.
  • Ned got a brand New Macbook Pro. It’s pretty sweet.
  • Red released a new single and its good, I’m excited for their album.

I sound like a giddy school child today but there is a ton of stuff going on that I am terribly excited about. Incredible fun!

Video Work on the Horizon

I have been knee deep in some pretty big projects that are really exciting and challenging at the same time. We just got a new camera a couple weeks back and have been working incredibly hard to make sure that we can use it efficiently. Not to mention the fact that Brookwood now has a pretty excellent studio for Video work and an incredibly giant Green Screen!

And for people like Ned(Children’s Pastor and Boss) and I that means lots of practice time! So I am going to post a video that we used for our staff teambuilding that was filmed on a green screen. There are some issues with it but I would absolutely love to hear some feedback on tips, or things that you might have changed on this video.

I think its pretty good. We didn’t use Motion to key it out we decided to try it out only in Final Cut. So most of the changes are manual in a Chroma Keyer and we also used the Matte Choker filter and a few other things. So let me know what you think of our Green Screen footage!

First post this week

I know, I know. Terrible job by me but we are writing curriculum and we had staff teambuilding this past week so times are busy. But just wanted to let you guys know that I am doing fine. I am excited about the things that we are writing and I hope to show them to you very soon. I am also really enjoying this week. Kristen and I started a new book that is teaching both of us alot about one another.

Anyway just wanted to let everyone know that it’s all alright. I’m still in the blog world just consumed with things right now.

As always thanks for reading!

6 months ago….

6 months ago was an incredible day for me. It was the day that I married my absolutely incredible wife. She amazes me everyday as she juggles a job, being a full time student, and obviously dealing with me (which is like more school and a job!).

She is an amazing woman who has a heart for people that amazes me. She loves and loves and loves and loves. She truly is an incredible Godly woman. So today I celebrate my wife. I love you wifey!

Election Thoughts

So much to talk about but most of my thoughts were summed up in a post by Lanny Donoho. He wrote what I have been pondering over the last few years. I believe that there is an incredible sense of fear and anger in alot of people. I am soooo glad this election is over. I am so very glad that the campaigning, the political arguments, and last but not least the hateful feelings are subdued for awhile.

Pray for our Prez. Know that God is in control of everything. He always has and He always will. God did not give us a spirit of fear. One thing I would love your thoughts on: How can we make voting easier? I figure that an online election is not very far in the future. I figure just like with the FAFSA you could everyone a PIN and let them vote online. Talk about a time saver! Anyway just thought I would add my cents to the talk.