man the time it takes to edit video stuff…

I am so tired and have the largest headache that a person on earth has ever experienced. I am so thankful for our video people here at Brookwood. I love making things really cool but don’t have the experience or knowledge to actually put my dreams and ideas onto a screen yet. We are in the middle of a review week this week and with alot of extra time and effort produced some really cool stuff that I think the kids will love!


It’s not revolutionary or groundbreaking but it is time that I got to put into production on Sunday to enhance what we put in front of kid’s faces. What if we put that time and effort into everything that we presented to people. I know that it seems impossible but what if we did everything that we could to make the stuff that we did better. What if instead of being satisfied we took the hard road and went the extra mile. I am so pumped right now about the opportunities before me and the skills I am learning that I can hardly contain it. I can’t wait to see what all I can do to make this some of the greatest stuff kids have ever experienced… not just in church, but in all aspects of their life.


MTV, Nickolodeon you better keep your stuff up to date or we are gonna pass you!!! We want kids to know and experience God!!! We are pulling out the stops and doing what it takes to give them that opportunity!!


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