Identity Crisis

I am going to post a video but please understand that this video in no way is my opinion or close to my opinion of Newspring Church in Anderson, SC. But it will validate a point that we most definitely need to look at in our church today.

this is not a post to bash anyone but simply to say this. When unchurched people look at the church what do they see? A giant mess. Individual churches are trying to change this from Newspring to Elevation to many many others. But regardless the stereotype is that of mass confusion.

The church has an identity crisis. It is hard to imagine how we got here. I don’t how it gets fixed but it will take more than a strong effort from individual churches that is for sure. God gave us one Bible and eternal absolute truths, but yet when you try to define what the church of God looks like, what do you come up with? Its tougher than you think to come up with a complete description.

Tell me what you think will have to be done to fix this problem, is it a problem? Should we try to fix it?

And once again I chose this video because of the main illustration point and not for any other reason. I apologize for the thoughts contained in it.