First Day of Work

I started at Brookwood today. Besides alot of paperwork I had an awesome day. I worked on a MacBook all day and took it home to just play around and see what I can come up with on Pro Presenter and work with all the tools at my disposal.

I am excited to be involved FULL TIME with a ministry with vision of growing to reach kids for Christ. I can’t wait to use my gifts and abilities to lead them further in their relationship or even intiate their relationships. Keep praying that God will bless our ministry and that God will be honored through our efforts.

I am so tremendously pumped about getting plugged in and adding to an already incredible Children’s team.

Now the search for a dwelling place is on. If you know of something between North Greenville University and Mauldin let me know.

Love you guys



Last day of Unemployment

This is my last day of unemployment and I am so excited about tommorrow its nuts. I can’t wait to get started and see how much I can learn and help. Can’t wait to let you guys know what I’m learning.

til tomorrow


Bringing kids to Christ

This is my mode of thinking right now.

How can we get kids either further in their relationship to Christ or to begin their relationship with Christ. How can we present the word of God in a relevant, accessible and fun way. These are the 3 things that we want to do at Brookwood.

We want to be relevant. We want to be up to date. We do not want to do GI Joe or the Jungle Book but we want to be involved in Horton Hears a Who and Mim’s Island.

Why? What are kids doing around the world? They are watching these movies, these TV shows and playing with these toys. We want the kids to feel comfortable in order to teach them the word of God.

We want to be accessible. Different people have a different knowledge of the Bible. This is especially true with Children. We want to make it a priority that our services are accessible to all kids no matter their knowledge of God’s word. We also realize that the Holy Spirit Himself will bridge the gap of understanding but we must to do our part to commit our teaching to reach all regardless of prior knowledge.

We want to be fun. Why is this a requirement of our ministry? Shouldn’t we focus on sound teaching and hope that it is fun? That is not a bad question but why can’t you be both? God is capable of all things. We want God to work on kids hearts and bring them closer to Him. But to bring kids back it needs to be fun. We are doing our job by knowing that kids need to have fun. We are presenting the message in a way that relates to kids and trusting God with the results.

All of these things are individual goals but also must work hand in hand with one another. If their isn’t a balance then we aren’t fulfilling our mission. This is where my heart is and I can’t wait to get started.

Pray that God would bless my efforts by seeing people from volunteers to children go further in their relationship with Christ because of my efforts.

So much stuff to talk about

Well now that I am employed the vision is starting and boy am I excited. I need to know some video editing stuff. What do you think is the best? What should I look for in the future coming out to really make videos awesome? These are questions I am looking for the answer to. Let me know what you think. 

I am Employed!!!

I don’t know what else to say. Not only is it an answer to prayer but it is also way more than I expected. I start Monday at Brookwood. I am basically going to be involved with the services for the third to fifth graders at Brookwood Church! I’m so happy I prayed that everyone who was praying gets blessed about a gazillion times. God answers prayers!!! Love you all so much. out 

Will Memphis make it all the way?

For the last few days all I have heard is how we are expected to be the first 1 seed out. I will give you the underlying reasons why people say that and why I think that helps the Tigers.

Why people think we will be the first one seed out (or the reasons that no one is talking about):

  1. Free Throws: I thought offense and defense were more of a reason to be concerned but not for Memphis.
  2. Joey Dorsey: Not can he keep his cool, but does he want to win. If he does look out.
  3. Conf. USA: It doesn’t matter how good your team is, but only who you play.
  4. BCS bias: Look its there, we were supposed to lose to Nevada, be the first one seed to lose to a sixteen seed, and are just a bunch of thugs.  And for those thug naysayers see Louisville, Tennessee, and Texas. Shouldn’t they get more coverage about off the court problems???
  5. Home court advantage in the tournament: I will say this, alot of this has to do with the fact that the area surrounding Memphis isn’t very big and since you can’t play in your home arena it would be difficult to have a home court advantage. But for the past two years we’ve played a team basically in their home location. This year if it works out we will have to play another lower seed in Texas. I heard one announcer say that if Memphis wants to win the title then they will have to go on the road and prove they can beat those teams. Hello? UCLA in Cali, UNC in NC, and Kansas in the Midwest, why don’t they have to “prove” themselves?

Reasons why I think this benefits Memphi:

  1. The teams playing Memphis will take up the Hack-a-Tiger philosophy: With only 5 fouls this could hurt teams more than help them in close games. And if that is your defense against us… well … have fun watching at home.
  2. Joey Dorsey: If he wants it he can dominate the college game. I saw on Senior Day a Joey Dorsey that I have never seen. He was not just a monster, but the most intimidating player i have ever seen. He looked like he needed to eat basketballs to survive.
  3. Experience: 2 Elite eights in two years with basically the same team. We came back against UAB from down 7 with less than 1:30 to go on the road, we won in regulation. Our core guys have played together for almost 6 years, we recruited an entire AAU team. They trust each other and have won close games.
  4. Flower Power: Derrick Rose is now showing signs of why people want to pick him so high in the draft. I was doubting them, not that he wasn’t a great player or full of potential but that he made alot of easy turnovers in an easy conference. Now he is running the show with phenomenal skill and grace. He is rockin’ right now and I can’t wait to see him take a game over.
  5. You basically told them that they can’t do it.: Memphis is already the underdog, we lost to the No. 2 team in the country and we drop to third? We know that at some point as a No. 1 seed we will have to play on the road and now you are basically telling them that there is no way they can get in the Final Four? Watch out.

Also watch the UCLA and Western Kentucky game, WKU matches up very well.

Can’t wait til Friday

Meetings Today

I meet with Allen White the Exeutive Pastor for Pastors at Brookwood. He is basically the boss of the pastors. It will be interesting to meet with him. Ned, the Children’s Pastor, asked me to meet with him so I am excited to meet and talk with him.

Also, Kristen and I are eating dinner with Ned and his wife tonight so basically I’m writing this to let you know that the process goes on. God is still pushing me forward in the process. Pray that all goes well and that I will learn and grow through this process and that God’s will would be done.

 Other than that I am looking forward to the wedding but not all the things that need to be paid for. (especially with no job 🙂 ) but God has provided in the past and will provide again. I am always interested to see how things work out…

Malacahi 3:10