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Fun times to rid us of boringness!


One Month to Live

This month we have been going through a series called “One Month to Live.” This has been an intense time in my life for God teaching me so many things about prioritizing and living my life to the fullest extent and making every second, every minute, every hour, and every day count. I can tell you the countless number of things that I’ve learned but honestly there isn’t enough time or space to do it. But I have to show you this video. This is a story of a woman at our church and I just don’t think we put people’s real life stories out there enough. So here is one that you must hear.

Visit the website and let me know what you think about the video.

Monica Pryor

Fun Sunday

Yesterday was a really great day!

  • Sunday was awesome. I absolutely love teaching kids how to find Jesus and how He wants to take care of them their entire life. And by absolutely love I went like 15 minutes over in the 10 o clock service! Oops, sorry Laurie 🙂
  • High School D-teams started last night. I am so excited to get in on the lives of some teens and I am praying that they take a bigger step up this year and change our community.
  • Incredibly fun night with my wife and Josh and Renae. We haven’t had as much time to hang out with them now that I don’t live in the basement any more. But it was a blast and it should happen a lot more often.
  • Bigger and Bigger steps at Brookwood are happening. I am loving that God has placed me in a church that is growing and faithful to God’s word! I love what is happening and am humbled that God has let me be a part of it.

Football picks!

last week I was 5-3 once again. That puts me at 10-6 for the year.

NCAA last week: 4-1

NFL: 1-2

So this week here are my picks for the weekend:


Notre Dame over Purdue

Memphis over Arkansas St.

LSU over Miss. St.

Clemson over Maryland

Upset pick: Alabama over Georgia.

NFL picks:

Minnesota over Tennessee

Carolina over Atlanta

San Diego over Oakland

There they are weigh in and let me know what you think.


Ok so I’m going to catalyst and I’m pumped! If you are going I want to know what are you excited about? Who do you want to hear speak?

I am really excited for Giglio, but I am so excited to hear Steven Furtick speak, its crazy.

So what are you excited about if you are going to Catalyst?

In the mood for a funny video…

Me too. So I will satisfy that desire with one of my favorites:


Wednesday Wisdom

So I have learned so much in the past few days. Reading has such a big impact on my life. Today I want to look at a verse that most of you out there know. But look at it from a perspective that you might not have done before.

John 14:6

Jesus answered “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

Now most of us have seen this verse and usually teach it in this way. There is no way to the Father except through Jesus Christ. There is no way to get into heaven except through the life of Christ. He is the only way that we gain acceptance by the Father except through Jesus.

But let’s look at a different part. “I am the truth” See we often read the Bible searching for the truth of God’s words. But Jesus said I am the truth.

Maybe some of you ask yourselves what really is truth. In this age of relativism it is important to talk about truth and where we stand. The reality is that Jesus is truth. Does this demean the Bible in some way? No reflect back on the first chapter of John. But regardless everything that we believe in or that we consider truth is summed up in the person of Christ.

He is the truth. When we want to know how to believe or how to deal with something or how to minister look at Christ period. The reality is that until I really looked at Christ being “The Truth” did I ever engage in studying how he really did things.

He spoke to crowds regardless of their standing in society.

He trained and chilled with those closest to him.

He found the least of those (me) and He spent time with them meeting there needs first and then speaking Himself aka Truth into their lives.

He respected people and didn’t demand anything from them.

He wanted the best for everyone.

He committed Himself to purity

He relied on the power of the Father to transform lives instead of His own deity.

So tell me what does this mean for you?