God’s Direction

! Samuel 14:


Johnny (Jonathan) is hanging out with his armor bearer and they feel divinely lead to go kill some philly’s. They go and cause an uproar. Saul hears the crazy stuff going on and takes roll. (that’s weird) anyway, he then asks for the priest to seek God’s direction. After waiting for like 30 seconds the sound got louder and he just decided to go join in an already victorious fight.


I think to myself: Where would I be had I not waited on God? If I would have lied to get a job somewhere else? I’m not sure but I know I am so incredibly happy to be where I am, involved with the people I am involved with in ministry, and doing what I am doing.


God completely rearranged my plans and gave me my wildest dreams before I turned 22! I am humbled and grateful for where God has brought me. I am happy that God is using me and that is on no account of myself only his divine appointment. 


man I’m so thankful and honored to be here right now… you really have no idea.


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  1. So I googled Orange Conference (I went today and will be there T and W), and your blog came up. I read it and thought I’d say hi! Hope you enjoy the Conference and being in ATL!

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