Often in an evangelistic setting the production is the main focus. That is not necessarily a bad thing. We want people to come and hear Jesus for the first time and hopefully make a decision for Christ led by the Holy Spirit. I think that sometimes discipleship is like the linemen of the church. 


Its the long term solution to a lot of the churches problems. When we teach our people on a consistent basis and build a relationship with them, that is what changes people. As my children’s pastor says “People leave a job much faster than they leave a relationship”


I guess this fact of discipleship is even more important in children’s ministry. As Proverbs says “Teach a child when he is young and he will not depart from those ways” (J.C. paraphrase). We must make it a priority to let our teachers know and understand how significant their efforts are to the kingdom of Christ. What is your view on discipleship?


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