Let me first lead with this. I love golf. I can’t wait til the next time that I can play a little bit. If you are in the Greenville, SC area and you like playing golf, drop me a line and hopefully we can play 9 some time.


I think golf is alot like where I’m at right now in my life. I have the tools that I need and I think I am growing and getting better, but I learn something new that I can’t do every shot that I take. This is a weird analogy so try to follow me.


Most people don’t golf for a couple of reasons:

  1. They refuse to do something that they might fail at. (afraid of trying new things)
  2. They refuse to do something unless they know that they can be perfect and won’t put in the effort to just be ok. (perfectionist)
  3. Or it simply requires too much of an investment (time, money, etc.) (poor stewards)
I would say that all 3 of these things played into where I was looking for a job:
  • I didn’t have the “credentials” for ministry so I figured it wasn’t time for me to start
  • I wanted more schooling and experience to start in my ministry career even though I had a calling on my life from God.
  • I knew that ministry isn’t the most lucrative position and knowing that I was about to get married I would much rather not have to worry about finances.
But God completely changed my priorities through no effort of my own. He made a way where I thought there was no way, and the way I thought there was, was my own way and not His. And as far as the being just ok part. I don’t won’t to be ok, but when God calls you are ready whether you think that you are or not. So don’t think that I am telling or encouraging anyone to be just ok but instead to be content and understand that God can use you where you are at. You don’t have to be a finished work to come before God (thank you Jesus! 🙂 )
I am so thankful for where I am at right now but completely aware of the struggle and effort required to push forward. Where is God calling you right now? Are you taking the time to understand His direction? Are your plans yours or God’s?

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