Move-In day

I am ready and about to go to our new abode. I am so happy that we have a place to live and after today it will be our place to abide and cherish as our own. I’m sure as I have written this and over the past couple of weeks have written that we have a new place to live some people take that as we are moving in together to get settled for the wedding. That is wrong. I will probably live there for a few days before the wedding but Kristen will not. I might stay with Josh and Renae Bradley a bit longer to save on some electrical bills and such.


By the way while I am thinking about it. I want to talk about Josh Bradley a little bit. He is the student pastor at Brookwood Church and I have known him for a little over 4 years. I am so proud of everything he is doing right now. I am just 21 years old so to encourage older people sometime it seems sort of out of place for me. But anyway, I have seen so much growth in him and love for people since I first met him. He flat loves teenagers and wants to help them get past their struggles and into a relationship with God.


He took me into his basement for no charge, with two kids, one with a disability and the other a foster care child. He treated me like his own. He loved me and gave me food and shelter and counseling in the midst of some soul searching time in my life. He gave up what he might tell you is a little but really is a lot. He and his wife, Renae, have been so much of a blessing in mine and Kristen’s life that I just wish they could experience tenfold the blessing that they have been to me. I love them dearly and am thankful and appreciative of all they have done. I ask you to pray that God will bless them for giving of themselves to a brother in Christ. Pray that God will just bless their house till the windows bust open.


Thanks Josh and Renae, you guys are awesome.


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