Adventure Week 2009

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Wednesday Wisdom: Follow Up on a Comment

I wrote about the future of children’s ministry last week and absolutely loved where people’s minds got to go through the post.

I got a follow up comment from paulthinkingoutloud. Go back and read the comment here

Paul brought up an excellent point. This is been something that I heard alot about a few months ago throughout the CM world. The “memory verse”, everyone knows about it and it is an incredible tool that is probably not being used in the most effective way right now. I think Paul is right that scripture memory is very important. We know that the Word of God doesn’t come back void and I think that those that don’t like rote memorization of scripture aren’t giving God’s word enough justice to let it permeate mind and spirit of those that digest it.

However, I don’t think that the most important thing is scripture memory. The most important thing is getting kids to know Christ in a personal way. A way that leads to development and growth and I think that scripture is a part of that but that can’t be our end goal. Paul is also doing things to promote spiritual development in the home with his children. This is very key. I am not a parent so I cannot fully impart meaningful knowledge on parenting and guiding kids in their spiritual development as a parent. But I do know that parents need to be the ones leading the way on leading their kids in Christ.

It’s funny how parents want to be an influence on a kids life in seemingly every area except the spiritual one. And yes that is a blanket statement because not all parents are like this. But I think the next big step in Children’s ministry really has little to do with kids and more to do with parents. How can we get the parents to be the ones leading the charge in seeing their kids to know Christ?

How can CM connect with parents in a way that provides meaningful resources to them that helps them in their spiritual leadership roles? How can we provide a forum to allow us to know where parents are missing the mark? How can we create a partnership with parents that allows us to be the secondary spiritual leaders in their kids’ lives?

This is a big issue in the next step of CM. Let me know if there is a way out there already or if you’ve got something to add to the discussion.

And thanks to paulthinkingoutloud for the push to remember the scripture when we are teaching kids and not just the relationship. (both are extremely important)

Wednesday Wisdom

I have learned so much, during my time at Brookwood. From video and production stuff, to relationship building, and ministering to people and more and more about a life that is dedicated to Christ. Learning for me is the lifeblood of what I do. I want Paul’s prayer in Phillipians 1 to come true in my life. That I would learn and do those things that are excellent.

One of the things that has been learned and reinforced and learned and reinforced is that our number one command is to love God with all we have and then love others like you want to be loved. Relationships are the thing that God created us to have. Both with him and with others. Relationships that are deep and meaningful are what God created us for. Our goal at Brookwood Kids is to See Kids Know God and See Kids Be Known Personally. See obviously we want kids to have a meaningful and deep relationship with Christ. And we do meaningful things to do this. But to add to that we add things that allow our adult leaders to know these kids on a personal and meaningful level.

Why? Quick think about the curriculum that truly impacted you and pushed you towards Christ? Nothing… How about a person who made an impact on your life and showed you Christ more than anything. Loving people is what makes a difference. How do I know? It’s because that is what Christ did. He ministered to the least of these and did so with love and excellence. Loving people is something that we need to make a priority. Make the phone calls, write the letters, have that uncomfortable conversation. It makes a difference. And most of all pray that you will be anointed with the Spirit of Christ. Because without Christ and the Spirit your works are just that… works. If you want them to be meaningful then your life has to be bathed in the Spirit and that love will manifest itself out of the overflow of your time with Christ.

Incredible weekend

This past weekend was one of the best in a long time. First, my wife and I spent some time in Ridgecrest, NC with some awesome student adult leaders. I was really encouraged by this group of people. They really invest in student’s lives and get to know and love the students that they care for on a regular basis. I really realized that my relationship with alot of these students is more surface based and not really deep. I was really challenged to go deeper in my relationships with these young people that need love in their lives.

Not only that but we had some awesome teambuilding activities mixed into the weekend. We played outdoor laser tag. How awesome was that you ask? Really awesome! You have a sensor on your gun and two sensors on your head: on in front and on in back. Plus you are running through the woods trying to shoot people up to 400m away on your laser sight gun. It was really awesome. I really was encouraged by the fact that in the book that I’m reading it talks about adding fun into your team. You need to do ministry with people that you like and if you add those fun elements in then it makes it that much better.

“The team that plays together, stays together” is what I like to say.

Then Sunday. I love Sunday. Ministry Teams kicked off this week. I will post more about this program later. And then Baptism! Baptism is always awesome at Brookwood. I baptized one of the kids that went to camp with us this year and it was one of the most special times that I have had in ministry. I just had the opportunity to think about my spiritualy journey and how Jackson was starting his. It was just an incredible time. Over 75 people baptized! I just really love Baptism. A huge party every time and love all around. It is just awesome!

And now for this week: Catalyst! I am so freakin pumped. There are going to be tons of great and incredible people there. I am looking forward to hearing Steven Furtick speak. So the blogging will be a little weak for a few days in preparation of next week here at work because I will lose some time to Catalyst.

How was your weekend?

One Month to Live

This month we have been going through a series called “One Month to Live.” This has been an intense time in my life for God teaching me so many things about prioritizing and living my life to the fullest extent and making every second, every minute, every hour, and every day count. I can tell you the countless number of things that I’ve learned but honestly there isn’t enough time or space to do it. But I have to show you this video. This is a story of a woman at our church and I just don’t think we put people’s real life stories out there enough. So here is one that you must hear.

Visit the website and let me know what you think about the video.

Monica Pryor

Incredible night tonight

Tonight was the official opening of our student/recreation facility at Brookwood Church in Simpsonville, SC. There were more teens than I have seen at Brookwood ever. The worship was great and the message was awesome. It was cool to see the dream and vision that my student ministry have fleshed out at Brookwood.

Josh Bradley and Mike Hepola are doing amazing things and reaching teens for Christ. I can’t wait to see how God uses this facility in the lives of not only the teens but everyone that participates there. Awesome, Awesome time. Made me think of Adventure Week again. How big a step is this.

H   U   G   E

I’m out time to hang with my wifey!

Anticipating the Year

So many cool things are happening at Brookwood this year in Children’s ministry.

  1. Imagine watching a Blue Ray HD night at the movies… sounds cool huh? Now imagine that on a 40ftx20ft screen! Just sick!
  2. Also planning alot of connection events so you can get your kids connected to others around them and with their small group leaders.
  3. Not only that but we are also in the midst of planning a Fall Festival event. It is going to be incredibly fun and awesome and you will not want to miss it.
  4. And next year we will get into our renovated facilities which will take us further than we have imagined.

So if you are a part of Brookwood Kids then it is going to be an incredibly awesome year!