Planning for the future

So we’ve been so busy around Brookwood Kids, renovating areas, modifying programs, and thinking of stuff to put in our new areas.

One thing that we really are excited about doing is making our production equipment universal. Basically we want to have the same lightboards, soundboards, and video stuff in all areas of the church.


Great question

  • Our kids are fully participating in service.  They are running the program in every sense of the word on Sunday mornings.
  • We want to promote growth in everyone participating in ministry.
  • It allows us to streamline training across ministries. Imagine kids being able to train and learn on smaller versions of stuff being used in your main service. It’s going to be awesome.

I am so glad that our kids are given an opportunity to live out the lesson of service to God on a weekly basis! This is going to allow us to take production up a few levels and allow our kids to realize the potential that they could reach!


Super Sunday

Ok so the past two Sunday’s at Brookwood have been incomparable to anything that I have personally seen in church. Last week leading off with our “One Month to Live” series. And continuing that this week. Last night we also had our Volunteer Appreciation night where over 1,000 Volunteers arrived to be congratulated and served on their night.

Then Perry delivered a stammering message to the people letting them know how incredibly proud he was of their efforts and that we are just beginning.

Now I’m sure that you have heard this before about “just the beginning” or “best days are ahead”. It’s pretty much VisionCasting 101. But Perry is a different human being. He doesn’t deliver messages like these. And on top of that He is celebrating 15 years of Brookwood. from 75 to 7500 in 15 years is incredibly huge and can only be explained by the supernatural presence of God in this place.

Yesterday was life changing and like Perry said, “Brookwood’s best days are ahead!”

The “P” Word ugh

I know what you are thinking. I can’t believe he is gonna write a blog about that. You’re right, I never thought I would either but today God spoke about my state in life more clearly than He ever has, or at least I heard it this time so I had to write about it.


I’ve been in 1 Samuel and some of you are thinking goodness this boy is a slow reader which is partially true. I’m more of a slow listener. I want to hear something not just read something. Plus I’m young so you can always blame it on that too. Anyway, David has defeated Goliath and now the citizens know of him and his accomplishments. He continues to be victorious in battle Saul is beginning to get infuriated. There was a verse that stuck out to me that said: 

Now Saul feared David. It was clear that God was with David and had left Saul. So, Saul got David out of his sight by making him an officer in the army. David was in combat frequently. Everything David did turned out well. Yes, God was with him. As Saul saw David becoming more successful, he himself grew more fearful. He could see the handwriting on the wall. But everyone else in Israel and Judah loved David. They loved watching him in action.


I have heard the p-word from so many people in my life. I dare even say how many. I have often been upset but now I am beginning to understand why. I am not cocky or prideful when it comes to this subject, but I continually ask myself why do these people say that? What do they see? What are my abilities that give me that p-word?

But this time I heard it differently. What if this time God is saying… “J.C. its time to transition. Your opportunity is now. You’ve heard it from Me, you’ve heard it from people I’ve put into your life on a consistent basis, its time to make a move.” This is where I am at. I am more humbled and challenged by the word that I received today than I have ever been before. Thank you Jesus for speaking to your people and for always growing and changing us more and more into your image. I love you so much.