Hey if you haven’t heard

I moved…. sorry the transition had to be made its for mine and my readers own good. But maybe you haven’t heard…

Well click this link and it will take you to a page and you can subscribe to the new site…

Take advantage of it and if you get tired of me you can always quit, just not without the shedding of tears.


Adventure Week 2009

Our VBS on steroids is almost here! Swamp Stomp 2009 is going to be much bigger than last year. Check out our first promotion!

Update on jcsonline!!!

Well this is crazy but right now I am in the middle of trying to get a new website going to take this blogging thing to another level. No the post’s content won’t change it will range from newlywed topics, sports, ministry w/ a focus on Children’s Ministry, tech and funny stuff.

So I am prepping you for a move.

People say that if you have a good thing going don’t change it.

I say if you have a good thing going, why not make it great??

So here is to taking it to the next level.

So if you can see I’m in the middle of some designing

First, I want to know your honest opinion ( I learned all my design from the internet and My Boss, thanks Ned!) about the banner at the top?

And Secondly, I want to know what do you love in a blog.

So I would like to add a Poll for you guys. What does it for you in a blog? What is the number one thing you look for? Feel Free to add a comment to tell me what you think?

What are the best things that you’ve seen in a blog?

I really need some feedback on this one… What would you love to see on a blog? What are some things that you find extremely interesting on a blog like mine? Besides my incredible commentary ( 🙂 ) Sarcasm being used there.

All this because I’m looking to upgrade the blog a little and had some ideas but would love some feedback!