Feeling a little homesick today..

Ever really miss your hometown? Today is one of those day that despite coming from the most violent city in America and hearing all that stuff on the news all the time about crime I just miss it…

A couple of things have happened since I moved to Greenville, SC.

  • My Alma Mater went to an NCAA national championship game. (They lost, but they were there)
  • The Memphis Grizzlies drafted a player that might actually take them to a playoff win. (OJ Mayo I support thee)
  • And today to cap it all off it snowed there last night! It rarely snows in Memphis and it brought back some memories of my family playing in the snow and throwing snowballs at each others face as we all try and run and hide! Fun times…

So today I’m just a lil bit homesick. So pray for me 🙂


Incredible weekend

This past weekend was one of the best in a long time. First, my wife and I spent some time in Ridgecrest, NC with some awesome student adult leaders. I was really encouraged by this group of people. They really invest in student’s lives and get to know and love the students that they care for on a regular basis. I really realized that my relationship with alot of these students is more surface based and not really deep. I was really challenged to go deeper in my relationships with these young people that need love in their lives.

Not only that but we had some awesome teambuilding activities mixed into the weekend. We played outdoor laser tag. How awesome was that you ask? Really awesome! You have a sensor on your gun and two sensors on your head: on in front and on in back. Plus you are running through the woods trying to shoot people up to 400m away on your laser sight gun. It was really awesome. I really was encouraged by the fact that in the book that I’m reading it talks about adding fun into your team. You need to do ministry with people that you like and if you add those fun elements in then it makes it that much better.

“The team that plays together, stays together” is what I like to say.

Then Sunday. I love Sunday. Ministry Teams kicked off this week. I will post more about this program later. And then Baptism! Baptism is always awesome at Brookwood. I baptized one of the kids that went to camp with us this year and it was one of the most special times that I have had in ministry. I just had the opportunity to think about my spiritualy journey and how Jackson was starting his. It was just an incredible time. Over 75 people baptized! I just really love Baptism. A huge party every time and love all around. It is just awesome!

And now for this week: Catalyst! I am so freakin pumped. There are going to be tons of great and incredible people there. I am looking forward to hearing Steven Furtick speak. So the blogging will be a little weak for a few days in preparation of next week here at work because I will lose some time to Catalyst.

How was your weekend?

One Month to Live

This month we have been going through a series called “One Month to Live.” This has been an intense time in my life for God teaching me so many things about prioritizing and living my life to the fullest extent and making every second, every minute, every hour, and every day count. I can tell you the countless number of things that I’ve learned but honestly there isn’t enough time or space to do it. But I have to show you this video. This is a story of a woman at our church and I just don’t think we put people’s real life stories out there enough. So here is one that you must hear.

Visit the website and let me know what you think about the video.

Monica Pryor

Big Super Incredible Things Coming to Brookwood

I am so incredibly excited about Fall at Brookwood Church. Here’s a few things I am excited about that are happening right now at my church.

  • Auditorium renovation including 20×40 foot screen and HD projectors!
  • A new cafe venue with coffee bar and seating with Plasmas for people to connect during and between services right outside of the Auditorium.
  • New Student Building that doubles as a Rec facility during the week! Its sweet.
  • Children’s area renovations that increase the amount of kids that we can reach every single week!
  • New Sunday format in Children’s ministry that makes our volunteers’ roles even more critical to our growth and the Children’s growth.

I love my church and where we are going. I am so  glad that we are trying to find new ways to connect with people and build relationships to lead them to Christ.

Thanks Perry for the incredible message and the encouragement at the end. It was Awesome!

I am pumped about Fall and the opportunities that God is giving Brookwood Church. It is truly incredible.

Are you leaving a Legacy?

My parents came in town the other day and my Dad and I got a chance to talk. It was fun to see everyone. I have missed them alot since I’ve moved to Greenville, Sc. He told me something amazing.

He told me that his Pastor and my Pastor at my home church in Atoka, TN has put me on a list of people that he is praying for. That me feel awesome by itself cuz this is a man who has pastored the same church for more than 20 years and has seen me grow from a small child. But my dad told me that Pastor Bob Lane put me on a list along with 48 other people serving in ministry that He prays for everyday. All 49 of us have been under Brother Bob’s teachings at some point in our lives. In a church that has a little over 200 members Bro. Bob is responsible for 49 people serving Christ in churches!

I can just hope that one day I can impact that many people in a way that they want to commit their lives to Christ. I was so humbled and intrigued. Some people (including myself at times) struggle to find how God works in small churches but I realized that God calls churches to different individual calls beside the worldwide calls He gave to all churches. Maybe yours is to feed the poor, or help addicts receive a new lifestyle, or develop leaders, or be an incredible place of worship, but whichever way it is I pray that you are doing it in such a way as to give an excellent service to God.

Are you leaving a legacy?

Incredible time of worship

Let me give you a recap of Varsity last night:


  1. Wild Wings: wings, soda, and students!
  2. Concert: the Varsity band rocking out (some of the best worship that I have experienced in my lifetime. Thanks Josh
  3. New Friends: this was an area that Kristen and I really struggled with living in Greenville. We knew that the friends that we had were an incredibly special group of people and we didn’t have that moving here. But just like my I did for my wife I prayed for some people to move here before I moved. God answered!
  4. Bridge: If you haven’t been down to Falls Park in downtown Greenville, SC then you must go right now!
Incredible night with awesome worship and brand new friends = lots of fun.