Hey if you haven’t heard

I moved…. sorry the transition had to be made its for mine and my readers own good. But maybe you haven’t heard…

Well click this link and it will take you to a page and you can subscribe to the new site…

Take advantage of it and if you get tired of me you can always quit, just not without the shedding of tears.


Ok so now you can Subscribe! Aren’t you excited? :)

So now that I have gotten out of 1995. (I was in 3rd grade in ’95 that’s weird to me). So now if you look on the left hand side of my page. Go ahead look right now. No, above the blogroll you will see a cool new link allowing you to subscribe to my blog via email. Basically that means anytime that I post something new you will get an email notifying you! Cool, huh?

That’s pretty sweet. This might actually kill my views but since most of you are very faithful readers, this is my service to you.

So please check it out and subscribe today. There will be a prize to the 10th subscriber! Pretty exciting stuff. In other news you could be the 100th approved comment if you comment before anyone else. It’s time to comment people.

And as always thanks for reading!