Wow big events over for a little while

I am so glad that a little break is coming. From camp to Adventure Week to Children’s Ministry Summit I haven’t had much of a break from big programming. Now the fall is here. We start On the Trail in two weeks! I can’t wait to get that started by the way. Now is when I get to concentrate on some real growing for me. My Motion training guide gets here tomorrow and I am so pumped about that!

Not only that but I got Craig Groeschel’s book, It and I can’t wait to start reading it. I am still looking for suggestions from my CM people on how to get volunteers for production or tech or whatever you call it in your world. If you have any suggestions on where you find them or ways to get them more involved etc. I would love to hear them.

You guys rock I have a little more time to devote to the blogging world so I hope to continue to post now that most of the programming for our big events is over. + this also lets me put some more work into Sunday’s! I am so pumped about this fall and the big things coming in our life. I can’t wait to see what God has planned for this fall.



Big Super Incredible Things Coming to Brookwood

I am so incredibly excited about Fall at Brookwood Church. Here’s a few things I am excited about that are happening right now at my church.

  • Auditorium renovation including 20×40 foot screen and HD projectors!
  • A new cafe venue with coffee bar and seating with Plasmas for people to connect during and between services right outside of the Auditorium.
  • New Student Building that doubles as a Rec facility during the week! Its sweet.
  • Children’s area renovations that increase the amount of kids that we can reach every single week!
  • New Sunday format in Children’s ministry that makes our volunteers’ roles even more critical to our growth and the Children’s growth.

I love my church and where we are going. I am so  glad that we are trying to find new ways to connect with people and build relationships to lead them to Christ.

Thanks Perry for the incredible message and the encouragement at the end. It was Awesome!

I am pumped about Fall and the opportunities that God is giving Brookwood Church. It is truly incredible.