Beach wisdom

So this past weekend I was at Folly Beach in Charleston, SC. I was walking on the beach the other day basically just thinking and relaxing.

As I’m walking I’m seeing all the shells. Thousands of shells. Every one different, every one altered by its journey through the surf. Thousands of shells affected by the tide differently. It made me think of life and how every one is broken. Every one is hurting. And yet there are people like me that come by and walk over the top of the shells enjoying the crack as I run across the beach.

But there are others like my mom who love shells. They pick them up and take them home. They wash them and prepare to show them in some way. Then I thought about how Christ picks us up and does the same. He cares for us. He sees our brokeness and knows that the brokeness is unique for each person, yet undeniably feels the pain of each one. He cares for us so much that He put to death His Son. And I am thinking how completely unworthy I am of his care. How completely undeserving I am just a little piece of all the shells on the shore.

I love the beach…