Things I’ve thought about over the past week

  • Not who is the best candidate for our President, but who is the least best for Prez (I can’t come up with the best.
  • How in the heck the Cowboys all got injured. (good thing I’m not a Cowboys fan.)
  • Millions of things running through my head about Catalyst.
  • How will Roy Willliams and T.O. work together? (Can you say pushups in the driveway?)
  • The Tampa Bay Rays are destroying the Red Sox. How?
  • Is there a question in Children’s Ministry that if answered would totally change how Children’s Ministry works? (maybe large group & small group isn’t the best format?)
  • My wife and I are thinking of a trip in Jan. and I can’t decide where to go. She won a trip in Feb.
  • Which book to read next? (Culture Making, Visioneering, Tribes, or 7 spiritual disciplines)
  • Ready for Adventure Week planning coming up in a couple of months.

Catalyst Recap

Incredible two days at catalyst last week! I was so challenged, encouraged, and motivated by the many people involved in the conference. I am so incredibly blessed to be where I am, doing what I am doing, and serving the God that I serve.

I will try and recap some of the thoughts that really challenged me over those two days and would love to have a dialogue about them. I am so thankful that a conference like this exists to speak to leaders, young leaders.

One thing that I had a problem with, however was the fact that there wasn’t a Children’s box for us to check. There was a Youth worker and lots of other positions available for choosing, but not in Children’s ministry. I am not insanely mad or upset but it did make me think, why is it like this? Is it because there just aren’t many leaders in Children’s ministry? Or because they wouldn’t invest enough to go to Catalyst? Or how about because maybe while students are our future, or are the present as my friend J.R. Lee would say, children are more babysat in churches than really confronted with spiritual issues and challenged to make a difference when they are young?

I don’t know but I do know that hopefully, God will allow me to make enough of a difference in the lives of kids to where these questions dissappear from my thoughts and yours.

Anyway as I climb off of my soapbox be looking back here to see some opinions of what I heard at Catalyst.

Big Hair Competition at Catalyst

So after a nice night of sleep on a hotel bed. My boss and I were trying to come up with a way to infuse even more fun into an incredibly fun event at Catalyst. Well we knew that since church people would be there, and that most of the church people are in the middle of the post modern movement, we knew it would be a hub of metrosexualism. So we figured we could get enough photos of big hair to make it worthwhile. So without further ado, I present to you the Day 1 contestants. Please vote for your favorites.

Incredible weekend

This past weekend was one of the best in a long time. First, my wife and I spent some time in Ridgecrest, NC with some awesome student adult leaders. I was really encouraged by this group of people. They really invest in student’s lives and get to know and love the students that they care for on a regular basis. I really realized that my relationship with alot of these students is more surface based and not really deep. I was really challenged to go deeper in my relationships with these young people that need love in their lives.

Not only that but we had some awesome teambuilding activities mixed into the weekend. We played outdoor laser tag. How awesome was that you ask? Really awesome! You have a sensor on your gun and two sensors on your head: on in front and on in back. Plus you are running through the woods trying to shoot people up to 400m away on your laser sight gun. It was really awesome. I really was encouraged by the fact that in the book that I’m reading it talks about adding fun into your team. You need to do ministry with people that you like and if you add those fun elements in then it makes it that much better.

“The team that plays together, stays together” is what I like to say.

Then Sunday. I love Sunday. Ministry Teams kicked off this week. I will post more about this program later. And then Baptism! Baptism is always awesome at Brookwood. I baptized one of the kids that went to camp with us this year and it was one of the most special times that I have had in ministry. I just had the opportunity to think about my spiritualy journey and how Jackson was starting his. It was just an incredible time. Over 75 people baptized! I just really love Baptism. A huge party every time and love all around. It is just awesome!

And now for this week: Catalyst! I am so freakin pumped. There are going to be tons of great and incredible people there. I am looking forward to hearing Steven Furtick speak. So the blogging will be a little weak for a few days in preparation of next week here at work because I will lose some time to Catalyst.

How was your weekend?


Ok so I’m going to catalyst and I’m pumped! If you are going I want to know what are you excited about? Who do you want to hear speak?

I am really excited for Giglio, but I am so excited to hear Steven Furtick speak, its crazy.

So what are you excited about if you are going to Catalyst?