Swamp Stomp is Coming!

If you didn’t hear then Adventure Week 2009 is coming this way! And the best part is that we get to try out all the goodies!



Adventure Week 2009

Our VBS on steroids is almost here! Swamp Stomp 2009 is going to be much bigger than last year. Check out our first promotion!

So I’m pretty excited a few things!

  • First day of filming for Adventure Week 2009. It will be incredible!
  • Orange Conference is coming! If you are going let me know what you are most excited about.
  • I’m excited to get to hang out with our CM staff and the SM staff at Brookwood and not be in a work environment (and worship together!)
  • Getting ready to write some stuff for our Easter Curriculum.
  • First Valentine’s Day with my wife as a married man! (Can’t wait Kristen!)

Searching for Props today….

We are going to a prop company today to begin some of our planning for Adventure Week 2009. I’m pretty excited about what we might find. We are looking for swamp related things, maybe a shed, spanish moss, boats stuff like that. We are pretty stinking excited about what God is going to do this year through our Adventure Week program and are looking forward to the impact it makes on these kids through worship and learning about God’s word.

Big things happening. I feel a little under the weather today so pray for me some while I try and get better for a little trip my wife and I are taking.

Things I’ve thought about over the past week

  • Not who is the best candidate for our President, but who is the least best for Prez (I can’t come up with the best.
  • How in the heck the Cowboys all got injured. (good thing I’m not a Cowboys fan.)
  • Millions of things running through my head about Catalyst.
  • How will Roy Willliams and T.O. work together? (Can you say pushups in the driveway?)
  • The Tampa Bay Rays are destroying the Red Sox. How?
  • Is there a question in Children’s Ministry that if answered would totally change how Children’s Ministry works? (maybe large group & small group isn’t the best format?)
  • My wife and I are thinking of a trip in Jan. and I can’t decide where to go. She won a trip in Feb.
  • Which book to read next? (Culture Making, Visioneering, Tribes, or 7 spiritual disciplines)
  • Ready for Adventure Week planning coming up in a couple of months.

Incredible night tonight

Tonight was the official opening of our student/recreation facility at Brookwood Church in Simpsonville, SC. There were more teens than I have seen at Brookwood ever. The worship was great and the message was awesome. It was cool to see the dream and vision that my student ministry have fleshed out at Brookwood.

Josh Bradley and Mike Hepola are doing amazing things and reaching teens for Christ. I can’t wait to see how God uses this facility in the lives of not only the teens but everyone that participates there. Awesome, Awesome time. Made me think of Adventure Week again. How big a step is this.

H   U   G   E

I’m out time to hang with my wifey!

A lot to learn

As Ned said to me earlier this week, “For all the times we get to slime kids and ride on a segway, we have to do things like this” He was talking about some of the things that you don’t hear about often. (of course it depends on who your pastor is, how often you hear about them).

The negative emails, the interesting phone calls, the people that don’t want to serve, and the people that could care less if you fell off of the face of the earth. It’s the side of ministry that I am just beginning to get accustomed to. I am learning to love difficult people and more than that learn that not everything is always so rosy for everyone.

I definitely couldn’t imagine before I started working in ministry how dejected you will fill after you put your life into something and someone couldn’t stand it for some reason. It is honestly a terrible feeling. But I say all of this in order to encourage and challenge you to do something.

This past week at Adventure Week I got numerous letters from children, thanking Hanz and Franz for the fun times and thanked us for exploding things. We had numerous encouraging emails from first time people, staff members, and parents expressing their thanks. How often do we do this for our staff? For all of the terrible, no-fun emails there should be a number of encouraging ones. I challenge you today, write an encouraging email to a staffer at your church. Tell them how thankful you are for their service.