How can Social Media connect and multiply impact?

I think we would all agree with the rise of:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook (I know the oldies are gettin in on it now 🙂 )
  • Live streaming

These are the tools to reach people now. Do you think it’s a coincidence that we are in the middle of a terrible economy and crisis and yet the church is finding incredible ways of connecting with people never thought possible?

My question is this:

How can we use the tools that are now at our disposal to impact the kingdom of Christ TOGETHER?


The Call

I felt like God wants someone to hear this today. So here it is:

I feel like “The Call” is the most important thing about your ministry. It defines everything about your service and your ministry. It is who you are (because God designed both!) However, not everyone has a Moses(burning, talking, bush) or a Paul(Blinding, Bright, talking light) call. Some like David have more of a progressive call. One that is constantly progressing over time.

I have struggled with this alot over my lifetime. Trying to pick out a specific instance where I felt God calling me into the ministry. But honestly I can recall 3 or 4 instances where I believe God was speaking His call into my life. I know that my call is to ministry. I know that my talents given by God involved teaching and communication, with a little bit of leadership in that mix. I know that God is still shaping me into the leader that He wants me to be and I know that I have alot to work on to get to where I need to be. But I know that when things get rough or tough and there is no one around, your call is sometimes the only thing that you have to stand on.

God set you apart for a mission. He called you out of your normal life to live a life dedicated in service to Him. Work through your inadequacies and rely on the call that God has given to you. He knows that you have what it takes. And He wants to prove it to you over and over again by allowing you to rely on His strength and provision. Always remember, be humbled by, and thank God every day for this gift that is called “The Call”

Weekend Thoughts

Just some random stuff running through my head on a Saturday morning:

  • Why do people read the Bible? I know for some of you, you are thinking why in the world is He asking this… But I am curious to know. We are trying to get our kids involved in reading their Bible. I want to know why people read it on a consistent basis.
  • How senior friendly is your church? I had a talk a long time ago with a friend of mine wondering where are the senior men dedicated to mentoring the younger generation. Now with mega churches and church plants, it seems that there is an undeniable sense that the older folks are getting left out of the mix alot of the time. (Thanks Christianity Today)
  • What are your elementary age kids struggling with? Are there questions out there that they are looking for an answer to? What kinds of problems do they deal with?
  • Why do your kids like church? Or not like church? ( I have some really interesting thoughts about this one. Maybe a post next week.)

Anyway open forum, drop me a comment just wanted to get us thinking about some things over the weekend.

Things I’ve thought about over the past week

  • Not who is the best candidate for our President, but who is the least best for Prez (I can’t come up with the best.
  • How in the heck the Cowboys all got injured. (good thing I’m not a Cowboys fan.)
  • Millions of things running through my head about Catalyst.
  • How will Roy Willliams and T.O. work together? (Can you say pushups in the driveway?)
  • The Tampa Bay Rays are destroying the Red Sox. How?
  • Is there a question in Children’s Ministry that if answered would totally change how Children’s Ministry works? (maybe large group & small group isn’t the best format?)
  • My wife and I are thinking of a trip in Jan. and I can’t decide where to go. She won a trip in Feb.
  • Which book to read next? (Culture Making, Visioneering, Tribes, or 7 spiritual disciplines)
  • Ready for Adventure Week planning coming up in a couple of months.

One Month to Live

This month we have been going through a series called “One Month to Live.” This has been an intense time in my life for God teaching me so many things about prioritizing and living my life to the fullest extent and making every second, every minute, every hour, and every day count. I can tell you the countless number of things that I’ve learned but honestly there isn’t enough time or space to do it. But I have to show you this video. This is a story of a woman at our church and I just don’t think we put people’s real life stories out there enough. So here is one that you must hear.

Visit the website and let me know what you think about the video.

Monica Pryor


Ok so I’m going to catalyst and I’m pumped! If you are going I want to know what are you excited about? Who do you want to hear speak?

I am really excited for Giglio, but I am so excited to hear Steven Furtick speak, its crazy.

So what are you excited about if you are going to Catalyst?

Practice makes perfect?

Its funny sometimes the sayings that we adapt. This is one that I have lived alot of my life by. Practice makes perfect. It was baseball, then basketball, and then ministry. I’m only 22 so sometimes I wonder just how much any wisdom that I have gained is really worth.

Practice honestly, never makes perfect. Never. However, practice does make better. But the reality we need to grasp is how much better does it make us? If we continue to do the things that we have always done, just because we do them and have practiced does that make it effective?

The truth is the way that we get better is sometimes to honestly look at our life and see it in a new perspective. We always need people in our life that will help us look at our life in an honest and objective way. If you want to get to the next level it will take alot more than practice. It takes honesty and humility.

So practice but remember to stay focused on your goal and if things need to be changed, then don’t hesitate. Do it.