Ministry and Marriage

I love the time I have alone to spend with God in the morning. I don’t want you to think I spend like 3 hours in a secluded closet, because I don’t. But I try to devote about 20 minutes in the morning completely isolated (which is easy when you live in a basement, hahaha) alone with God. 

Today I just reflected on everything that is going to happen in the next few weeks. A new place to live, new furniture, new bathroom, and a new wife. Today is (our:) ) Kristen’s first shower. It is still amazing to see everything that is going on. I am amazed by what God is doing in our lives. 

Not only that but in 1 Samuel today, the people complained about the leadership and demanded a king. Instead of waiting for God to call a leader to reign over them they wanted to do it their own way and choose one themselves. I am so glad for where I am at in my life right now. God Himself placed me in the position that I am in. He took my plans and erased them and told me: “J.C. those are ok but how bout these, I like these better.” He was so right. One day I will write a post explaining how all of this happened but as for right now I am just going to reflect in God’s call.

Tell me about some time where God allowed you to reflect on something that happened in your life.


Pre-Marital Counseling

Kristen and I have been in pre-marital counseling during the last week just talking and trying to figure out what to experience before we actually experience it. We are reading two books currently: One for our counseling sessions called “Saving your marriage before it starts” it talks about expectations, conflict resolution, and positive attitude and the other is called “Sheet Music” which is all about sexual intimacy in marriage. That book is seperated into two parts one for pre marriage and one for after you are married.

I have learned alot over the last couple of days and I am so glad for it. I can’t wait to get married almost exactly one month away in case you were wondering but I want to be the best husband and eventually father that I can be and the learning experiences are essential for preparation.

Needless to say its going great, our mentoring couple is awesome, our books are great, and we are learning more about one another through this process. I am ready for May 10th.

More involved

I am getting more and more involved in the process now. I have been to a meeting this morning with the Children’s staff and will go to team building with the entire staff in about 30-45 minutes. It’s exciting to see everything that is going on and the effort into developing leaders in our volunteers and investing resources into ministering to kids. 


Pray for volunteers that only God can provide and for our mission to get kids into a relationship with Christ and to grow in it.


Also we are looking for an apartment and a honeymoon spot. If you know of anything let me know. Anyway love you guys and thanks for your prayers.

Meetings Today

I meet with Allen White the Exeutive Pastor for Pastors at Brookwood. He is basically the boss of the pastors. It will be interesting to meet with him. Ned, the Children’s Pastor, asked me to meet with him so I am excited to meet and talk with him.

Also, Kristen and I are eating dinner with Ned and his wife tonight so basically I’m writing this to let you know that the process goes on. God is still pushing me forward in the process. Pray that all goes well and that I will learn and grow through this process and that God’s will would be done.

 Other than that I am looking forward to the wedding but not all the things that need to be paid for. (especially with no job 🙂 ) but God has provided in the past and will provide again. I am always interested to see how things work out…

Malacahi 3:10


Easter Weekend

Well I am about to leave Columbia where I went to the Barfield’s house for the weekend. Me and Kristen got alot of stuff accomplished for the wedding and I had a chance to chill out.

It was nice to talk to Mr. Dave, He is an incredible encouragement and just flat loves people and Jesus. I’m glad that my in laws bring me alot of wisdom. I asked about the job search and everything and He just told me that it seemed like something that would fulfill my skills and provide an opportunity to serve and grow. So that was pretty awesome. Not only that but we also talked some politics and life.

I would give an update but I don’t have one of the job search. I interviewed last week and haven’t heard from them maybe something will happen next week. I am having trouble sleeping which for me means that God is doing something cuz I can’t sleep but I don’t really get tired during the day. So maybe that is good news. But I’ll post when I figure something out. Love you guys.



Well today is a long trip. First we leave from Columbia to Greenville to drop some stuff off at Josh’s house.

Then we make the long trip to Memphis. I think I can get from Greenville to Memphis in 8 hours time but I’m not sure so time will tell. It will also be difficult because I am not used to the gas mileage that Kristen’s Jeep gets so we will see. I’m sure there will be some funny things to tell you about but pray that we make it. We are going straight through the state of TN so it will be through the mountains.

I hope we don’t fall off.


A new door opened?

I have been searching and searching but haven’t had any luck at all these past few weeks. But now a door has opened at Brookwood Church. It is a creative type position. Basically I would be one of three on a team of people that kind of guide the videos and interactive things involved in the Children’s ministry. It has been quite some time since I have done these sort of things. I was in Cougar Vision when I was a junior and senior in High School and haven’t really done the stuff since that time. Basically I don’t want to do any ministry half heartedly or anything for that matter. and its just not in my personality to do otherwise. Now I must decide if Kristen and wife are supposed to be involved in this Children’s ministry.   I have always struggled with this and this might be the opportunity to get me involved in this and then again it may not. Never the less its very exciting. I will also give you guys some advice. I learned this week that sometimes your abilities and gifts are recognized by those around you. God calls us to encourage people. Make it an active effort to express the fact that people are doing a good job. But don’t lie at the same time be truthful and positive in your comments.Also please don’t take this opportunity to flood my post with comments. But if you think this is an opportunity that you think I would be great for in children’s ministry I ask that you pray to God and ask Him to encourage me this week. I have an opportunity to pray over this next week and then meet again with the guy that I would report to. So please do this very small favor for me. Love you guys so much for reading and keeping you in my prayers. I love you guys.out