Theology in Children’s Ministry

So today, I’m working and working and browsing through the bevvy of tweets that come across my desktop app “Twhirl” I see an awesome post from Kenny Conley called “Where’s The Theology”. Awesome post by Kenny! And I am thinking to myself how do the CM people feel about the notion that you can’t get deep with kids?

I think that Theology is important at all times but especially as a child, and especially in a society where the family dynamic is broken. So where do you go with kids? How do you incorporate theology into what you do? Do you think it’s useless for children?

And on a totally separate note, What direction are you going for Easter in your kids programs? What are you teaching for those weeks? Continuing a program, doing someone’s easter stuff, or writing you own curriculum and what do you want to teach your kids about Easter?

anyway waiting for your comments!



  1. We’re sticking with our original teaching plan, and not really planning anything HUGE (programming-wise) for Easter. That being said, we are launching our new 4th service Easter weekend, so that alone will be big!

  2. We are changing our programming for the week before, the week of, and the week after. We are going to walk the kids thru the Easter story at interactive stations so they can experience and get a feeling for what it would have been like to be in Jerusalem at that time. For the fun factor we are going to do some mini skits each week titled “Who Framed the Rabbit” which will have the gospel message woven into the story.

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