Kids and Truth

I have the wonderful opportunity to teach kids on a weekly basis. I desire to teach them truths about God each and every time that I get the chance. I often remember how my faith has grown over my life. I continually think what are some things that I wish that I had known about God when I was 6-13 years old.

A couple that I have come up with are these:

  • God is not angry with me.
  • God wants the best for my life
  • God loves me more than I love myself.

If we could get a generation of kids to understand these three truths about God, I think it would do wonders for their entire lives. Imagine grasping the truth that God is not angry with you at age 10 and living your entire life with that truth in tow.

So with that said, what are some truths that you wish you had known as a kid about God?



  1. how much he loves us, will always be there for me and that no matter how many mistakes we make he always forgives us.

  2. I agree. It is something I have been struggling with as a Kid’s Pastor. We set up a great environment for the kids, we have a great time, we learn and connect, yet….I often get the feeling that while the kids do BELIEVE , the fundamental truth of God’s love for them and His sacrifice, and His plans for them just end up as background noise (kind of like believing in Santa Claus).
    So I have been struggling with how to raise up some Timothys. Kids filled with a belief that is alive, constantly growing and at the forefront of their lives!
    I know I have to hand over the Spirit’s work to the Spirit, but I just feel that there is that something missing….

  3. yeah Mark that is true and I truly believe that the most important thing that we can do in ministry is allow God to lead the work of His Spirit.

    One thing that I always try and do in my teaching is to teach the kids more about God and less about themselves. I would rather a kid know that God loves Him rather than a kid know that he should give to others. It is really what motivates my teaching. And you have to remember that God’s word doesn’t come back void, but ours will.

    Great thoughts and thanks for commenting!

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