The Call

I felt like God wants someone to hear this today. So here it is:

I feel like “The Call” is the most important thing about your ministry. It defines everything about your service and your ministry. It is who you are (because God designed both!) However, not everyone has a Moses(burning, talking, bush) or a Paul(Blinding, Bright, talking light) call. Some like David have more of a progressive call. One that is constantly progressing over time.

I have struggled with this alot over my lifetime. Trying to pick out a specific instance where I felt God calling me into the ministry. But honestly I can recall 3 or 4 instances where I believe God was speaking His call into my life. I know that my call is to ministry. I know that my talents given by God involved teaching and communication, with a little bit of leadership in that mix. I know that God is still shaping me into the leader that He wants me to be and I know that I have alot to work on to get to where I need to be. But I know that when things get rough or tough and there is no one around, your call is sometimes the only thing that you have to stand on.

God set you apart for a mission. He called you out of your normal life to live a life dedicated in service to Him. Work through your inadequacies and rely on the call that God has given to you. He knows that you have what it takes. And He wants to prove it to you over and over again by allowing you to rely on His strength and provision. Always remember, be humbled by, and thank God every day for this gift that is called “The Call”


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