Wednesday Wisdom: Get it together!

I have read so many blogs the past few weeks on crossing denominational lines to reach your community, to “Be the church” (the body of God united through the common bond of Christ working to accomplish God’s will in a united effort), and New Year’s Resolution.

This really isn’t a change your life post or anything like that but I want to give you something to pray about. Here are some links to some blogs to let you see what I have been absorbing:

Steven Furtick

Pete Wilson



I know that these links will take a while to read all of the blog entries but I am sincerely asking you to.

Here is where I feel God is speaking to me.

Why in the world can’t Christians get it together. We fight for a united cause. When I read Colossians this past week, It was a letter to a church that was so caught up in ceremonial law that they weren’t experiencing the life in Christ that they should. They are more worried about what they believe and how much they know (not to say this isn’t extremely important, just priorities) rather than their life reflecting the life of their Savior. Here is what I want to say to you all if you don’t have your prayer life too full. Pray that God raises up someone who can unite denominations, unite Christians, followers of Christ, redeemed believers in a movement of God to rise up and minister to the World. The tools and abilities are out there. We need a community of God and a Team put together by God to start it.

Time to pray. God wants to change this world. And He wants his people to give everything up that they feel they need (wants) and to get attached to a movement of God. I pray that it starts soon!


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  1. Thanks bro!

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