Going after Boys!

Here is what I want from this blog. I need these people to respond:

  • Men
  • Women who know men

Without much thinking I would like for you to name 5 things that you think a 10-13 year old boy would love to do. Anything at all. That is your mission! Now get started.



  1. 1. Go fishing with his dad.
    2. Go see a movie at the theatre.
    3. Ride some go-carts.
    4. Get some ice cream from somewhere….
    5. Listen to a live concert…maybe….

    Hope this helps you out some….

  2. Ride a skateboard down a hill.
    Be in an action movie
    Play video games
    Water Park
    Play in the snow
    Learn how to be a Ventriloquist

  3. are they converted? and i think there is a big difference in what the 10 and 13 year old want to do.
    unconverted 13 year old boys.
    1. have sex with a girl
    2. hang out with 17 and 18 year olds
    3. get away from his parents
    4. ride roller coasters
    5. go to the beach

    converted 13 year old
    1. read the bible
    2. be discipled by an older man
    3. go to church
    4. ride roller coasters
    5. go to the beach

    I am not so sure about the ten year old.

  4. i would say that video games would be high on the list. learning to play instruments (like guitar, drums…not cello or flute), playing team sports, or just hangin out with friends. just sme things that i thought of.

  5. 1. Hang out with Chuck Norris
    2. Become a Professional Athlete or a fireman
    3. Build something with his hands
    4. Torture his siblings
    5. Hang out with his dad

  6. I’m a few days late, but had to jump into this one. If it’s one of my kids…

    1. Play video games
    2. Eat
    3. Play more video games
    4. Eat more
    5. Spend time with dad (up from # 21 a year ago…)

    But seriously, having written a book about the “darker side” of the internet, I gotta say it takes courage to write a post called “Going After Boys” and then include tags like “11 year old boys;” “12 year old boys;” etc. I hope you didn’t get a lot of unwanted or unexpected traffic. Of course it did make me look twice at your post!!!

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