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So I went to Barnes and Noble the other day with the in-laws. I was checking out some books and was looking for a chain reference Bible. It was a cool tool that my boss had that we used when writing curriuculum. Anyway as I’m looking for this Bible this couple rushes straight up to a Manga Bible.

Is this how kids will read the Bible in the future? on TwitPic

If you don’t know what manga is here is a link that will tell you what you need to know. Basically it’s like a comic book. The couple then complains about “the dumbing down of God’s word”. Here is what I want to know from my readers.

Is this dumbing down of God’s word or something different. What do you feel about this idea of a manga Bible? Again if you don’t know what Manga is please click the link before you comment.


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  1. Did that couple actually open the book that they were complaining about?

    If they had, they would have noticed that this particular edition is a complete copy of the entire Bible in the New Living Translation, along with about 128 pages of fantastic artwork that helps to bring some of the narrative portions of Scripture to life in the manga format. Each page of the artwork has a list of the scripture references that are being represented on that page so that you can go to the passages directly and read them as well.

    Not really sure how that is dumbing down anything. I’ve given this Bible to a few friends, and it has universally been well-received. It might even get some people to read the Bible who otherwise never would have. Sounds good to me. 🙂

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